Domestic O2O industry template was born the market faces new opportunities

investment in many segments of the industry, relying on the mobile Internet platform, e-commerce in the field of domestic market, it is particularly optimistic about the venture, in this venture a lot of companies. From 2011 ~2012 years of the battle of the regiment to see out, a grassroots Internet market consisting of hot factors must include:


1 foreign successful cases, Groupon led to the rise of China group purchase station, set an example to countless webmasters and confidence, the same domestic areas also have care, almost equivalent to the domestic field of the Amazon, and care has been successfully listed, from this point of view is more persuasive than groupon.

2 enough media coverage to get more people involved.

3 domestic small and medium platform competition situation has emerged, battle group had thousands of U.S. corporations handle before the war and other sites have started early, played a role in nurturing the market, let consumers know the group purchase mode attractive, so that businesses know to get more consumers through the group purchase, and later thousands of groups who need only yihuhuhuapiao copy mode on the line, maybe even find a commercial investment report has templates can be downloaded; while the domestic market, aunt help, e home cleaning, housekeeping and other cloud has to lay the foundation, the first batch of athletes have been set out.

The birth of the

4 template, because the soil template, just let a grassroots webmaster have thousands on thousands of fast low cost business may, after all both business acumen and lack of technical level of entrepreneurs even less, a lot of entrepreneurial ideas and business models suffer from technical problems not the ambitions of the entrepreneurs meet the eye everywhere template. Born to solve this problem, and now just born mopou also solved the problem of domestic O2O market.


and O2O compared with the domestic group purchase market may be more suitable to grass-roots entrepreneurship, group purchase mode both for small owners, but also for the giants to enter, glutinous rice, Gaopeng’s admission to a human small owners who feel unarmed wars Optimus prime. While the domestic is a partial line with regional industry, solve the technical problems after the line operators work is to do a good job to push in one area, for example, to the community around a two-dimensional code, will design a personal integrity point of the floor or the toilet remind remind what. This extension behavior simply against the giants "think local solutions to global problems" on this tall ideas, so operators at least in a certain period of time will not encounter strong impact around the giant, O2O operators have a complete development space in a certain period of time.


but it is undeniable that the giants are likely to enter the market from two different levels:

1 invested in the top one or two companies, capital

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