Ali Wu Minzhi said delisting B2B business grew year after year but refused to disclose the data

Techweb7 16 June 2007, Vice President Ali Ali, President of the international division, told the media today, since the Alibaba B2B business year delisting, B2B business has been significantly improved, but can not disclose specific data.

Wu Minzhi said that the business of Alibaba delisting, Ali cleared 7000 dishonest customers, not to renew, to create a new credit system, is hoped to improve the efficiency and service reputation, the decline in business before the change B2B.

It is reported that in June 2011, the Alibaba

, B2B company official from the Hongkong stock exchange delisting, referred to by the transformation of the privatization of the Ali hope for B2B service, then B2B business decline.

Wu Minzhi also frankly stated that the delisting B2B business is affected, but want to change some of the way through ali. B2B business sector to adjust the organizational structure, the staff also compressed from more than 5 thousand to more than 3 thousand people.

at the same time, Ali B2B business began to establish a more stringent integrity system. Also trying to break through the business model, the introduction of direct procurement service.

It is reported that

, B2B business in the past has been using the yellow pages, which provide Ali shop display platform for buyers, buyers choose to buy businesses according to demand. The direct procurement refers to the direct release of overseas buyers their detailed procurement needs, in a limited period of time, the supplier can be based on their own characteristics of the product offer and online orders to negotiate and communicate.

Wu Minzhi said, in recent years, direct procurement buyers on the market scale maintained a continuous 7 – 10 fold increase in purchasing market directly to the market every day received 10000 orders, the amount of more than $30 million a day orders of intent (peak over 45 million). Ali said that the Chinese price advantage is gradually lost, and overseas buyers purchasing mode is also changing, and the spread of information is also increasing the purchasing information, the cost, these are the direct causes of the implementation of procurement to ali.

"If the

before the yellow pages, let the purchase time at 3 to 6 weeks, so you can purchase direct procurement efficiency mentioned 3 to 6 days." Wu Minzhi said. In 2013, the direct purchase amount is expected to reach $20 billion, purchase direct future will become an important complement to existing B2B business, will also form a similar "Taobao" and "Tmall" business relationship with the original business.

in fact, although Ali B2B started the business, but in the past few years, the limelight of the B2B business is being exploited to seize the Department of business, B2B business has also been accused of a lack of high growth.

insiders pointed out that Ali B2B business has taken measures in two areas, namely, on the one hand, through the strengthening of the establishment of a better credit rules >

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