Precision advertisers win the world

advertising investment is the main source of income for many media, media investment also as the economic indicators of a country or region, if a country’s economic development, it can attract different products, advertising in different media.

China’s advertising from this year’s report can be seen, the annual business advertising volume continues to grow, mainly on the media including television, newspapers, magazines, for now, the percentage of TV share is still relatively high, accounting for 66%, one of the most typical example is the annual CCTV advertising tender Wang, from the overall announcement income is rising.

network advertising originated in America in 1994. In October 27th of that year, the famous American Wired magazine launched the online version of Hotwired. This is a landmark in the history of advertising, but also to network developers and service providers to see a bright road.

Since then,

has gradually become a hot spot in the network, and the IT industry in China has been aware of the bright prospect of online advertising from 97 to 98. At present the trend of more and more chi, home to about half of the Sohu, Sina and other web portals revenue from advertising. There is no doubt that the development of Internet advertising to the Internet since a lot of force.  

The growth rate of

network advertising market is amazing, and the effectiveness of online advertising is becoming more and more obvious. The Internet has become the four largest media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines) after the top fifth media. As a result, a large number of international advertising companies have set up a special network media division".

Internet advertising delivery, more accurate than the general mass media delivery. Now, advertisers are the client as an important way to put online advertising. The most commonly used billing method is in accordance with the number of exposure to billing, advertising has been seen many times, you will pay how much advertising costs, each exposure, the computer server will have a very accurate record.

but another problem is also in the network advertising, network advertising malicious clicks, one of the most typical example is now widely spread Baidu ppc. There is a need to have the market, Henan digital technology company in 07 years launched a network marketing system named "taking informed", combined with the industry website, the Internet, telecommunications networks, mobile network. The purchaser calls to the supply side of the phone, click on the ads accurately to customers in order to control the IP hits; and methods of control etc..

In the

network advertising space expanding, attendant problems will emerge in an endless stream, but the network as a new media, the precise effect of advertising is other media can not match. This is closely related to people’s dependence on the network, the future development of the network business will be more broad, online advertising will be in the perfect way to go.

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