The analysis of media value and customized ringing tone

today’s communication technology has enabled advertisers to consumers carry a mobile phone, palmtop computer and other telecommunications terminal equipment to send personalized commodity information as possible, to mobile phone SMS, MMS, WAP, mobile phone, customized ringing tone streaming media as the representative form of advertising is the rapid development of great potential. In the era of mobile media, the service concept of "diversification, differentiation, personalization and interactivity" indicates the arrival of the real media era.

is a customized ringing tone media, fixed telephone and mobile phone users back tone as the carrier, to the caller as a new advertising media audience, it is based on the ring back tone service in communication terminal, media type is developed based on common business form on the customized ringing tone value-added services.

can be customized ringing tone corporate brand connotation of the key word, can be expressed by voice; new product listings, discounts, promotions and other information, through the way of ringtones quickly transmitted to the target user’s ear, achieve brand penetration, information effect.
customized ringing tone media and traditional media is not the same as the traditional mass media is a kind of non broadcast customized business, and business is with the characteristics of tone on demand and NarrowAD combined, is a public (public), advertising, custom media, rather than the public, broadcast, non customized media.

first, the terminal threshold is very low.

media business with customized ringing tone terminal independent, users without any technical or habit disorder. It is a kind of service based on the switch or intelligent network, any communication terminal can have or take the initiative to apply for ring back tone business.

is the second, the content of the new entertainment customized ringing tone, strong, easy to form brand preference and brand memory.

third, with an unavoidable fully enclosed listening environment.

in the caller waiting for the answer was just ten seconds of time, calling the attention of the user especially auditory attention basically are forced to focus on the receiver, is more inevitable than forced building advertising business.

fourth has a viral effect, promote the rapid growth of permeability.

as long as others call phone chain ringback tone advertising effect itself a pass ten, ten pass 100, a short time will have huge advertising effect. Therefore, tone advertising is again likely to copy messages and customized ringing tone business success.

fifth, strong anti-interference, giving the user interference is also small.

Every time I listen to advertising

due to ring back tone time only ten seconds, so it is also a kind of give the user the minimal impact of advertising products, users can easily accept the influence of small. Because of sealing between the handset and the ears of the formation of small interference from outside, can make the advertisement effect is good. In the field of anti external interference, the mobile phone media have had more, more intense.

sixth, customized ringing tone media.

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