The United States imported food NetEase koala shopping platform two started a new round of PK

July, the electricity supplier is still fighting the rest. For the import business top three NetEase and koala sea purchase aftercomprehensiver fighting in beauty, maternal and child two categories, began to import food and health products category on the battle.

July 1st, CEO Chen Ou announced by micro-blog United States independent food channel will soon be on the line. On July 8-10, the NetEase purchased new super koala sea week open, not only to build South Korea noodles special, and to join GREE high, Haruhirai, Jia Le ingot, DHC a wave of Japan and South Korea snack brand line, sea Amoy food wars triggered at any moment.

food category PK: Poly beauty has not yet prepared for NetEase koala select low

as of July 10th, opened the United States together, the official website, the reporter found that imported food channel has not yet on-line. The United States search goods, found that only young friends, Lotte, three, yopokki, and a few agricultural heart Korean food brand line, category only shelves biscuits, candy, chocolate, instant noodles, rice cake several commodities.

, according to media reports, the United States launched overseas food mainly from South Korea, Japan, Australia and the United States, Spain, Portugal, the future will cover Argentina and other parts of the world, but the current situation is has not made enough preparations, can only wait for the food after the channel line force.

The koala is prepared for

NetEase. Since the beginning of the line, the imported food is one of the core category, with rice grain and oil, nuts, candied fruit, cakes and biscuits, chocolate candy, coffee five sub category of commercial expansion. Due to imports of food brands, the NetEase is taking the koala sea purchase selection strategy, such as selection of instant noodles is spicy, special agricultural high, GREE, and other well-known brands Aoshiji miyaki. In order to increase the competitive advantage, the NetEase launched the "koala sea purchase 79 yuan 99 yuan optional 3; optional 4" imported food ex gratia activities, minimum 6.6 yuan per pack of instant noodles.

health care products category PK: Poly beauty slimming beauty NetEase koala crowd full coverage of

in the category of health care products, is still the focus groups of young women, the main line of goods is slimming, beauty care products, with the brand of less concentrated in Priesly, Shakespeare Ruth Jamieson, amore Pacific and a few other brands. At the same time, health care products price advantage is not obvious, the German 500ml Shakespeare Ruth iron iron tonic tiaojingyangyan nutrient solution as an example, price 149 yuan, 198 yuan Tmall international, NetEase koala sea purchase only 139 yuan.

health products has been strong NetEase koala sea purchase category, as children, women, elderly men, four groups of planning four major sub category, gathered in the double heart, centrum, viartril-s, Blackmore, Ddrops, trunature, iron man, naturemade, a large number of European and American Australia line health care brands. NetEase koala sea in the purchase of the launch of the new super week, health products category also created a D>

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