The next line supermarket net supermarket and business competition

Internet tide swept under the line retail seeking opportunities to embrace the Internet, especially after the electricity supplier by the strong impact, many department stores, supermarkets have been closed down, in the super case of such a sluggish environment, large supermarkets such as Carrefour, WAL-MART took the lead in turn, while other small supermarkets have also launched their own Internet or hand. The APP, or access to electronic business platform, or access to the cashier at Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods. Nevertheless, the development of the line under the situation is far worse than Tmall supermarket, Jingdong mall and other giant electricity supplier.

December 15th, WAL-MART announced in Guangzhou, Dongguan also launched WAL-MART APP online, all goods from the store, and the price is unchanged, the user can choose home delivery or from mentioning, and said that the future will be extended nationwide, while another supermarket Carrefour is also focused on expanding the big online mall business, recently will be extended to Beijing. In June this year in Guangdong, Shenzhen on the line of Huarun’s 10000 APP e million has also achieved the national distribution of cross-border goods. Many giant supermarkets have begun to force the use of O2O to resist the impact of electricity providers.

from the current development of the supermarket, although some supermarkets have net, and the price is not higher than the supermarket business, but its sales and recognition still with Tmall supermarket, Jingdong and other large supermarket mall business far.

first of all, from the category above, many parts of class supermarket line though, but the species can be found to the line is not rich, but users in the use APP supermarket easy to meet the phenomenon of flash back, the user experience is not good, this is one aspect, but the line in the supermarket category aspects are not completely at a disadvantage for example, this is a fresh, can speed delivery, while the electricity supplier, cold chain storage capacity, is a test of electricity providers in the self built logistics system and probably only the years of the Jingdong can do.

Other types of

fresh outside, especially the non food category is the most direct part of the supermarket supermarket online line under the impact, take this year 11, Jingdong supermarket orders of maternal and child category is 1 times more than last year, and a household clean category orders is an increase of more than 3.2 times.

second, from the distribution terms, if it is near the store and distribution of delivery, speed is very fast, but there is a distribution of charges, mainly to see whether the supermarket bag mail, supermarket delivery has the limitation of general line, online supermarket is relatively broad, such as ordinary users with Jingdong 79 members can avoid freight, such as diamond users with 59 free shipping, Tmall supermarket is shipping over 88 yuan, of course, there is no limit on the Jingdong, Tmall is ten kg.

For example,

line supermarket flying cow network with Darunfa’s and jingkelong. The flying cow net orders showed 1 – 3 days served, Jingkelong distribution limitation is better, orders 2 hours can go to the store from mentioning, or within 3 hours of delivery. The problem here is if the user uses the local line

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