Ali acquisition of Hang Seng Ali financial strategy to enlarge the recruit

reported today Hundsun (600570.SH) will be released on the Alibaba restructuring its controlling shareholder Hang Seng group.

March 18th, Hundsun announcement that the company in March 16th received a written notice of the controlling shareholder of the Hang Seng group, Hang Seng group will be planning a major strategic issues, as the Hang Seng group’s controlling shareholder of the company, the major strategic issues the company will have a significant impact. Upon application, the company stock since March 17, 2014 suspension."

market rumors, Ali finance will acquire or control the acquisition of the Hang Seng group.

understand the Hang Seng

Hang Seng

according to the official website, "in February 1995, the founding team Hundsun eight young engineers carries the dream, resolutely engaged in the field of financial IT."

Hang Seng electronic

Hang Seng group’s headquarters in Hangzhou, with branches or offices in the 28 major city, the main fields of financial IT business products and services covering banking, securities, funds, trust, insurance, futures and other financial markets, is the only company to offer a comprehensive solution for " the full license " IT service company. According Hundsun 2012 annual report, the company funds, securities, insurance (Fang Xinbao), trust and information management areas of the core market share reached 93%, 80%, 90% and 75% respectively, in the securities account system, securities counter systems, banking financial services platform, the trust’s core business platform, the core system of futures market share reached 57%, 43%, 85%, 41%, 42%. Hang Seng system also won the Shanghai clearing house integrated business system, the construction of the system can be described as financial software aircraft carrier". Hang Seng IT financial system to help almost all major financial institutions to master and manage their important business data, called financial data services industry segments within the industry chain monopoly.

Hundsun on December 2003 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange listed on the main board, the first major shareholders for the Hang Seng group holds 20.6% of the shares of listed companies are more dispersed; at the same time, due to historical reasons, the Hang Seng group’s shareholders are individuals, equity holdings are very scattered, at the end of 2012, the Hang Seng e-ever suspension, then came: the Alibaba and the Hang Seng Group Electronic Group recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two companies will carry out in-depth cooperation in international financial payment, data exchange, IT security and other aspects of the background. Dispersed ownership structure provides an excellent opportunity for Alibaba to acquire the Hang Seng group.

trading system today, the vast majority of financial institutions not only to use the Hang Seng, but also the use of funds clearing system, the CRM customer management system, customer transaction system, quantitative trading system, portfolio allocation system, transaction settlement system, risk control system and so on, the Hang Seng system occupies almost all aspects of the financial industry chain, in short, if Hundsun put together these data. "

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