How to do a good job in E commerce

wrote this article mainly for full-time into e-commerce, e-commerce, and firmly believe that the way they go. Now more and more people join. More than twenty or thirty a day. We also feel more and more responsibility. We’re also doing more to make the agency work better.

join good, pre deposit. In order to let the agent have the pressure, since I chose to do this thing, is to have pressure, otherwise do not good. Look at the people around you, those who are successful, what they do every day, how much time they spend each day doing their own business, how much pressure they have. And how much you out, how much is your harvest, the vast majority of things are paid and the return is proportional. Since you want to succeed, you want to have a career in which the achievements, it is necessary to let go of the hand, put fun, completely to fight. Why do successful people always passionate, not because of the money, but because they have to pay a certain. The affirmation of the people around, we are sure. We make money, to be successful is not to let others respect themselves. Let others know their own money is only a carrier.

here to say our own, I have my road is not a manufacturer, not a retail store. We are an e-commerce platform. We have 7 factories to supply us. There are currently more than and 300 agents in our team. Our relationship with the agent is not the home of the family with the. We are a team of lines. Cooperate with each other, acting door sales intentions, we are responsible for the supply of warehouse.

agent and customer communication is good, we check the goods, good. Is a complete chain. Only every link of the chain can be done for long. The chain is firm. Go long.

everyone in order to make money this is needless to say, but we are to serve as the starting point and the goal of the overall service to do. Customer satisfaction. Money is hard to earn. So we have to think more about how to make customer satisfaction, quality is the first. Do things well, do service.

e-commerce will not be limited to just a few tens of thousands of income. This is the advantage of the industry, but also inevitable, the community needs. E-commerce is the most need to accumulate and reputation. As long as you do, each customer is your publicist and promoter. Accumulation of one by one. Quantitative qualitative change.

sales agent platform of this station, the definition is a completely independent of their own shopping sites, you can be wholesale, retail, can also recruit their own agents. These can not be separated from the services they want to do, we are facing the crowd around, but also those who want to engage in e-commerce and then there is no supply of people. All you have to do is solve their problems. At the same time to solve their own problems, because you have a team. So your power is getting bigger.

any venture and return, is the need to pay. How much does it cost to open a shop. At least 20 thousand. Maybe >

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