O2o double eleven and a pseudo proposition

if you see here, yes, is a ten. You must be a little angry, why is it eleven, and there’s nothing else in the world that you care about?

when this day has become a craze, and not just the carnival so simple later, whether it is from the human point of view to analyze or explore the possible new ways from a business perspective is a missed opportunity.

hero. With the development trend of the Internet, online shopping is like three meals a day. In this frenetic, female buyers attitude is rush on like a swarm of hornets this party aspect, make sales this year from Tmall last year 35 billion rose to 57 billion.

electricity supplier in the joy behind the traditional businesses and how to deal with? Last year traditional retailers stood in opposition factions, with intime group as the representative to actively participate in promotional activities, led by the online store for free as a right-hand man, the display of goods, buy the products online customer support line friction concept, the other is to hongxingmeikailong Home Furnishing led stores banned businesses involved in carnival.

this year, stay out of the past traditional businesses are also involved, compared to previous years, this year a total of 136 enterprises, a total of more than 16 thousand stores in the traditional retailers Baotuan to the next line, last year began Carnival intime business this year is initiated for Chinese retail "Lotus" and United business network, in the day has been initiated including rainbow mall, Ginza, jiajiayue and other domestic retail enterprises to participate in the response. The eleven o2o on the experimental results, the public has not yet.

visible, traditional retail businesses have been unable to sit still, when change comes, only to meet the challenges is likely to stand up straight way. It may be predicted that next year, the protagonist is eleven double o2o.

in this prediction appears, the reason we should first have to understand the "double eleven" can all-powerful.

buyer side

first, the double eleven is a low-cost flag. According to the human nature of the cheap bought goods, Tmall mall directly to consumers half off discount thrown in the face, compared to no one resistant face of low-cost high-quality products. Moreover, Tmall’s purpose is very accurate, is to set off the middle income group shopping spree, first they have spare money, the price of high-end products but has not cruel to buy fancy, so a ten is a good opportunity. Might say, double eleven is another level of grass root economy "".

second, the perfect fit between the fingertips and the soul. This is not a close to home discount shopping, about buddy together swept the last tired, with the grandchildren like. Online shopping mall is a better and larger community platform and Carnival Party, from the moment of the discount, the face of the same commodity is buying tens of thousands of opponents, an invisible smoke four. People click, pay for goods, just like a man like Langtui can receive the goods.