Proxy CN domain name registration 8 yuan a year

  in order to facilitate the majority of webmaster net friend. Site agent ename  CN special 8 yuan of 1 domain name registration services for 1 years

activity price: 8 yuan / year, registered for 1 years only 1 domain names can be registered. Active objects: all webmaster network ( users please add QQ group 3968171 pre registration period: February 12th to February 25th, the system will be filed in accordance with the pre registration order submitted to the official registration.

        because of the need to directly participate in the "China CN promotions 1000 prepaid expenses, but many owners once only registered 1 to 2 or 10. So this site specifically for the webmaster network users to consider, focused on the application of an account to help you register. Let us register one or two CN domain names, you can enjoy the promotional price of 8 yuan registration.

  CN domain name registration  .Cn/   8 yuan a year. The steps are as follows:
1) please check between 2007.2.25 days you want to register the domain name has not been registered.
  2) will you have to register domain name number x = total 8 yuan of money to the account recommend the use of Alipay bank and ICBC do these fees please at Alipay or the bank statement to write you have to register the domain name and QQ no..
3) by mail [email protected] or qq  470666 figure king   (if not please contact duty QQ 42988977) to inform us that you want to register the domain name, you just hit the information  .
  domain name can be registered into the CN domain special offer special offer special group   3968171   
4) the pre registration is successfully registered successfully, 2.25 days in the CNNIC unified through the audit,
      ename push registered account can free your domain name to you please register one of you the account in for 7 days, to keep in touch.
5) site is the core agent of ename. Because this registration is ename promotional activities. Is also a site for the user’s service activities for the webmaster user. During the spring festival. So for this site users share. Do not over the publicity of the station agent. (otherwise we will be busy)
  6) all pre paid domain names are the same as those obtained from the normal domain name registration