Amazon Twitter enter the URL shortening small companies to survive worrying

Beijing on April 16th news, according to foreign media reports, recently, Amazon and Twitter have announced the launch of the URL shortening service, the industry believes that this will give small service providers in the future overshadowed.


service has been launched, the background system provided by professional service providers. Abbreviated, the URL in the form "" followed by six letters or numbers.

Twitter chief executive Ivan · Williams also confirmed Wednesday that it will launch its own URL shortening service, but he did not say whether their own development, or the use of professional products. Williams said that the future of Twitter users may not be able to choose other abbreviated service.

industry analysts believe that Amazon and Twitter net enterprises such to enter the URL shortening service, service providers will make small living space facing threats, such as or tinyurl, etc.. In fact, with the in the industry more obvious advantages, many small companies have been hit. If Twitter launched its own service, itself will be affected.

as an example, last year, the URL shortening service service interruption, then in addition to the API, they no longer accept the new application.