Liquor electricity supplier sales this year or up to 35 billion logistics is still a big problem

every reporter Xie Zhenyu

the impact of the Internet infiltrated into various fields, whether it is passive or active, electricity providers are changing and the transformation of the traditional wine industry.

from the initial exclusion, resistance, confusion and wait to see the embrace of today, wine prices and dealers have changed the attitude of the internet. Especially now the industry is still at the bottom, choose to continue to sink, or seize this straw? The answer is clear.

liquor is produced what change? What is the path of development of the electricity supplier? In this regard, we listen to a large number of small and medium-sized wine enterprises and dealers sound; selected the samples of Moutai, Luzhou Lao Jiao green barley wine and other famous enterprises, in order to restore their path to the internet.

liquor electricity supplier in the road where the wine is exploring, is also waiting for the market to give more answers.

electricity supplier opened a new world of liquor market, but also brought new difficulties." Wei Yunfei summed up.

Wei Yunfei is Luzhou Xin Ba Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xin PA industrial) chairman, his company has tasted the sweetness of the electricity supplier sales last year, online sales of 50 million yuan".

from zero to have, traditional wine prices online sales are growing rapidly. The liquor business platform has become the brightest capital "pet": the latest the Yanghe River invested tens of millions of dollars of investment in large business electricity supplier community; regional leading Xinhua high premium liquor electricity supplier company; not yet out of losses in wine is green barley wine purchase settled.

now, the traditional wine prices and liquor electricity supplier platform model, has developed from the initial B2C to actively extend the layout of B2B and O2O.

however, liquor business is still facing many difficult problems to be. Because of the particularity of liquor products, is not conducive to distribution. Traditional distribution, first, the higher the cost, the two is difficult to deliver in other regions of the enterprise, the need to establish a distribution point." Wei Yun flew to the daily economic news reporter, said the logistics and distribution is still a major problem in the development of liquor electricity supplier.

7 billion 800 million liquor electricity supplier last year, total sales increased by 123%

"Internet plus marketing." This is the core of Zhang Fangli in June when he issued the first content in his WeChat circle of friends.

"in 2014, we and many local wineries have emerged as a result of the reduction in cash flow, total sales of different degrees of reduction……" As Guizhou Guizhou liquor Limited by Share Ltd chairman, Zhang Fangli hopes to lead the sales scale of thousands of dollars of wine prices, by electricity providers, marketing transformation out of the woods.

Zhang Fangli plans to log on Tmall, Jingdong and other large electronic business platform. This year began to do electricity supplier, which is a trend, but it began to do, the effect is not clear." He said.

this is only now the liquor industry, the electricity supplier to expand the epitome of trying to take advantage of Internet sales. In fact, whether it is a large wine prices also