Three new board network network as the holding’s bell ceremony was held

October 11th, Beijing network network e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Name: network network, stock code: 838890) in the center of the National SME share transfer system listed three new board bell ceremony was held. As the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui and key executives attended. The new three board bell sounded, marking the country’s first eco wine prices, the official landing of the capital market, leading the traditional wine industry into the era of the Internet ecosystem.


LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui as a representative of Mr

network network network network CEO Li Rui introduced 3 years of transformation process, and for many years to help and support network network in all walks of life to express my heartfelt gratitude. He said that the network network has always adhered to the user as the core, committed to maximize customer value. After landing three new board, network network will continue cultivating the wine life, ecological strategy to upgrade the living ecosystem, creating the ultimate product and service experience for the user. At the same time, continue to promote and enhance the value of the ecological model of Internet industry ecological era wine industry chain development.


network network CEO Li Rui and senior executives to participate in the new three board listing ceremony bell

Li Rui said that the network network on 2013 officially launched, has focused on creating a user centric wine life ecology, and gradually expand to the vertical electric Wine from "B2C, B2B, O2O business, mobile Internet and other types of integrated ecological business model. As a liquor electricity supplier network network driven by virtue of the bright younger generation, ecological capacity, poised to emerge from the storm and stress, ecological value after obtaining the approval of the capital market. At the end of 2015, over 200 million mesh network for A round of financing, in May 2016, Zheng Xiaolong Dunyong over 70 million personal investment, in August 2016 he won the Ma Su million investment, become the China wine industry level benchmark stocks.


network network do is future business, we value the business model and the future development potential of the network network. The ecological LETV ecosystem and the major anti impact and value, far more than the individual combat." Investors have said.

with a capital boost, accelerate the ecological network network layout. At the beginning of 2016, network network released "wine of life world from ecological strategy, consolidate upstream of the global supply chain, continue to introduce the 16 countries around the world more than 300 high-quality liquor products, under the IP strategy to enhance the competitiveness of its own brand, to build a multi-dimensional Internet platform, and then to the strategic layout and ecological partner system the terminal continues to improve, just one year, network network has been realized in the national ecological wine life within the scope of the business floor, and show explosive growth, is expected to 2016 annual sales will reach 700 million.

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