Raising 9 billion to accelerate the transformation of the nternet to do the clothing Jingdong Barne

2 billion 500 million yuan

Smith Barney the fund-raising will be used to made the industrial supply chain platform construction, 6 billion yuan for the O2O full channel platform construction, 500 million yuan for the construction of the large Internet data center cloud platform.

photo source: Oriental IC

July 1st evening, suspended for more than a month of Smith Barney (002269.SZ) release set by the plan, to be not less than 8.28 yuan / share non-public offering price of not more than 1 billion 87 million shares, to raise funds not more than 9 billion yuan. Among them, 2 billion 500 million yuan will be used to build the wisdom of the industry supply chain platform, the construction of the entire channel platform for O2O yuan, 500 million yuan for the construction of the Internet big data cloud platform center.

three equity investment projects are still around the main clothing industry, the garment industry is the transformation of the Internet project. Fan Hebang purchase is part of the three projects, but not completely around the fan Hebang purchase, but contains a more extensive content, such as flexible supply chain." Smith Barney market department said in reply to reporters in the mail interface.

Shanghai textile and garment industry analyst Ma Shuang said, "this time, Smith Barney also set by mainly for logistics, big data layout this do, can be understood as they are doing some improvements in the supply chain, there are some help for future O2O."

in fact, in the clothing industry, the layout of O2O’s first non Smith Barney is. As early as the end of 2009, Smith Barney has begun to build a business platform to state purchasing network, while O2O has just emerged in 2013, Smith Barney will be the first O2O strategic landing. After a lapse of two years, that is, in April of this year, with the experience of fashion as a carrier, the integration of the world’s attitude towards life fashion brand APP platform also high-profile launch.

according to Smith Barney market insiders, van APP has been launched in April 30th this year, in addition to the company’s own brand, also will introduce some mature international brands, new brand niche. This year, the company plans to have more than and 300 brands, a variety of single product landing APP, next year to increase to more than 1 thousand brands, more than a single variety of goods in the future is expected to have 60% brands from Europe and the United States of the country, the number of products in the future, there are more than 10 thousand brands.

, in fact, the company is now doing a similar to Tmall, Jingdong’s electronic business platform." Ma Shuang on the interface of news reporters that its advantages are mainly in three aspects: first, the introduction of the brand platform is relatively abundant; second, to provide suggestions for consumers wear the unique idea, the mobilization of the company under the line store manager full participation, and every kinds of clothing will soon update speed; third, Smith Barney. The whole supply chain are their own doing, to a certain extent to ensure the service quality of customer service.

according to Smith Barney chairman Zhou Chengjian is, "if Tmall is the department store, Taobao is the market, there is a young fan life platform. Whether Alibaba’s Tmall, or Jingdong or millet, they have some experience can learn, but