30 details can ruin your company in a minute

    information security is one of the 1%, 2% game of the commercial era, an information about the success of the enterprise can. This information in their own hands is the trump card in the opponent’s hand is a bomb. Such an important piece of information may be in the boss’s brain, in the company’s computer, on the back of a print, even in a trash bin. At any time there is the possibility of leakage, leakage of light results in the loss of the company, the destruction of the company. How do you prepare?   let the information security is not installed antivirus software, password on the computer?" When you think so, you just like 95% of the world’s people, have miscalculated, underestimated the fatal impact on the company’s information; in the world there are 5% people, fear, awe, anxious to strain information on the business world explosive influence, who they are: NOKIA, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola……   when you read this article, there are 2 companies around the world because of information security failures, there are 11 companies because of information security problems caused by about about 8000000 of the direct economic losses. In this paper, through the investigation of 100 managers summed up the 30 fatal details, so that you quickly become an expert on information security.   1 printer – a delay of about 10 seconds to bring information leaks. Even a laser printer, there are more than 10 seconds delay, if you are not in the next ninth seconds in the printer, the first to see the file may not be you. Most of the modern companies use public printers, and printers, copiers and other equipment in a relatively independent space. Thus, confidential documents between departments can start from the equipment room, spread in other departments, when there is no secret between departments, the company will not be a secret.   2 printing paper back – good habits in exchange for a large loss. Saving paper is a good habit for many companies, employees tend to use the back of the paper. In fact, together with the collection will have this habit, you will find the "waste", printing and copying caused by waste paper contains confidential so comprehensive, even the executive vice president will feel ashamed, because the records of the company than his work paper diaries are comprehensive content.   3 computer – new employees real hands mentor recruits. We believe that all professional managers have had such an experience: if you work for a new company, roaming in their previous computer is the best way to understand the new company. In a similar "snooping" state, the company has ever happened "panoramic view", from the company’s previous customer records, rewards and punishment system, even if you have the privilege of the resignation of former reading. If it is other departments of the computer, nature is also a pleasure.   4 share – file. Sharing in the LAN is the last access to internal secrets. Some companies in order to eliminate internal network leaks, the provisions of all must be canceled immediately after sharing. In fact, the more so, the greater the risk of sharing confidential information through sharing. Because when people do.