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will open with the country "two-child policy", China will usher in the fifth baby boom, a conservative estimate, there will be over 20 million births per year in china. Huge market potential led to the rapid development of the entire maternal and infant industry.

it is understood that the first domestic maternal sale site babe network has been quietly launched in April 16th, and in a low-key operation, just the subordinate meters off the network to get one hundred million B round of financing in the long ago. M folded network co-founder and COO Ke Zunyao revealed that the water to test the mother segments, on the one hand because of the sharp growth in the demand for maternal and child industry, on the other hand, because the main consumer groups of maternal and child products are also changing.

in recent years, the rise of the "Olympic baby", "baby", "dragon" baby boom caused by maternal and child market dividend has not yet subsided, there is still a large part of the market demand for release.

the fifth birth peak, the release of a few years, the peak of the fertility situation, making the age of 0-10 year old maternal and child products demand has shown a blowout situation. It can be said that 2014 is the mother and child industry a golden period".

there is demand for the market. In this industry background, maternal and child market heat has been rise and diminished, babe network is aimed at this opportunity to cut maternal and child market, founded the country’s first professional maternal sale platform.

on the other hand, after 80 to replace the 70 became the most important maternal and child supplies consumer groups, followed by 90, followed by a large number of 80 after the momentum. Babe network cut maternal and child market confidence in the team is launching and running meters off the network, has accumulated rich experience in sale platform operation, to the very understanding of 80 90 consumer demand and consumption habits.

"80 90 consumer groups, they have a very distinct characteristic, fashion, personality, independent, in addition is the main force of growth, they are the main groups of online shopping, which determines the maternal line has a huge potential market." Ke Zunyao said, "in addition, the income level of 80 after 90 is not too high, so they are keen to save money through the sale of platform."

but only rely on the cheap sale, can not fully meet the 80 90 parents, babe network also provides buyers with 100% authentic, the national post, 7 days no reason to return within 72 hours of delivery and service guarantee.

since the family planning, China’s family size is gradually transformed into a large family of 2~3 4~5 family, family structure has gradually transformed into 4+2+1". Many children is an only child, can be described as zhongxinggongyue, parents want to give children the best. So a lot of 80 after 90 parents in the pursuit of cheap and affordable, but also for the quality of the product has a higher demand for the brand.

babe network to have an insight into consumer demand strong brand, since the beginning of the line started with the mother brand cooperation. At present, with Balabala >, babe network