Suning com sales did not reach the target flow dependent promotion fluctuation


Alexa data show that nearly half a year to the website ranking fluctuated greatly, indicating that Suning is dependent on the type of sales promotion, its user stickiness. 2012 annual revenue Sina Technology Zhang Nan today announced the 2012 report, commodity sales revenue of 15 billion 216 million yuan, the total income of 18 billion 336 million yuan, 20 billion yuan at the beginning of the year failed to achieve the sales target. This is after 2011, for second consecutive years failed to achieve sales targets.

2011, annual sales revenue of about 5 billion 900 million yuan (including tax), but at the beginning of the expected revenue of 8 billion yuan. At that time, announced that the 2012 sales target is 30 billion yuan, but then adjusted to 20 billion yuan.

is worth mentioning is that the total revenue of 18 billion 336 million yuan, including travel, recharge, lottery, virtual products group purchase business scale of about 1 billion 500 million yuan, "red child" mother, cosmetics sales business and open platform business sales volume of 1 billion 620 million yuan.

traffic dependent promotion executive vice president Li Bin said on the performance evaluation, sales grew 210.8% in 2012, the basic completion of the annual target; in addition,, the number of registered users, the average daily flow of daily orders and other three major operating indicators reached the expected early adulthood.

Business Analyst Li Chengdong believes that’s 2012 growth is higher than the overall growth rate is also higher than the electricity supplier, the overall growth of the B2C market. "According to the traditional enterprise standard hit 100 points, according to the standard of excellence in execution; the electricity supplier hit 70 points, but also need to improve the user experience and reputation."

according to the latest data released by CNNIC, as of December 2012, China’s online shopping users reached 242 million people, online shopping usage increased to 42.9%. Compared with 2011, online shopping users grew 48 million 70 thousand, an increase of 24.8%.

According to the 2012 third quarter

data released by iResearch, is now Chinese fourth B2C mall, the market share of 4.2%, 4.5% less than 54.6% of Tmall, Jingdong and Tencent B2C mall 21.8%, but higher than the Amazon, etc..

Suning’s main rival Jingdong mall 2011 net sales of 21 billion yuan, in 2012 the turnover reached $60 billion, Jingdong in such a large amount of body mass is still up to an annual growth rate of 185%.

Li Chengdong believes that and 3C appliances category loss amount is not big, but the department store.

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