On the six conditions necessary to improve the conversion rate

shop promotion is very important? This is yes, if there is no promotion of your shop is no good traffic, but the shop just is not enough to improve the flow of people, for a shop which most want or volume, if the one thousand people, only one person to buy things on the same day, compared to only one hundred people, there are 20 people to buy things, they are more willing to shop for the latter, so the shop to increase conversion rate becomes particularly important! Let the author introduce six conditions to improve the conversion rate of

to the shop!

A: the user experience of the site is good

we can take the reality of the front, if you front decoration in general, even very dirty, so many people have not come to your stores, of course, the decoration Menlian is on the one hand, if the decoration is very good but the inside of the clothing or other goods are messy, so customers to quickly go out from your front inside, but the Internet stores are the same, if you shop decoration in general, while the content page is not good, can not let the users very convenient shopping good to hear or see, calm, natural will soon leave your site! So the shop to increase user experience is the most important step!

two: product description is rich

how to reflect your professional shop, rich in goods information is the most basic conditions, and often have more professional shop shop in favor of the conversion rate, so the product features more detailed product display pictures more clear, consumer interest will be higher, the desire to buy natural will be more intense, so the shop is the more detailed the better


three: good customer service

shop quality is good, good reputation is the key to customer service good, sometimes a good customer service is ten thousand times better than mouth parched and tongue scorched the promotion, because you can actually help customers solve problems, solve their worries, so these people will naturally become you repeat, and repeat the more natural, your business will be better, the conversion rate of natural

will be higher!

four: there is no proper promotion

after three kinds of customer effective bombing above basically can attract users to have the desire to buy, then how to firmly grasp the user need a final catalyst, it is a lot of promotional activities, as many people love the supermarket to buy some DM commodities, as is a little cheaper! In fact, do shop too, some time ago Taobao mall half off day promotion, hit 980 million sales so is the


five: old customers praise you know how to use

now the general Taobao owner will be posted some customers in the following screenshot merchandise page, it is very necessary, because it can improve the user’s sense of trust, so we can add in detail page >

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