Once brilliant now confused shopping guide Station in the end how

as a male, if Baidu beauty, will be found in the right column are recommended including not only beautiful, mogujie.com said, there are over Internet, web sites such as the pile of sugar, and this kind of sites are positioned as a fast fashion business platform, is committed to provide you a female can buy Fashion the recommended items, provide the most fashionable shopping experience for all women, for women, these sites are familiar, you may be in the mobile phone APP is permanent, but to say the beautiful shopping guide website why now struggling, what they do? This is why?

female fast fashion business platform situation why so difficult? From the economic perspective, because now the women’s income has been rising, while women ages using mogujie.com and beauty are mostly in no consumption ability of college students, and the students lack of ability, no more spending power, so a few months to a large amount of consumption, while at the same time, stable income women are more willing to choose the store to buy high-grade or high quality clothes, this is the main reason for this kind of business platform gradually neglected, in fact, apart from economic factors, market reputation gradually worse has become the reason of this kind of website gradually discarded in two, the content of the website, in addition to the brush posts and not much real content, so for some women, she They gave up this channel to choose clothes, resulting in a large number of customer churn.

said above is the reason, let us put aside the main factors, to find the reasons from the details, the first is the customer experience and mobile terminal site customer experience, is a bad word, the website gives a copycat pink feeling, and the experience of the mobile terminal can be used simply worse, this experience can let the female friends satisfied? Even if it can be, in mogujie.com, can easily find a situation that is the actual picture and the display of goods is completely different, such as the unequal behavior can be tolerated? These two points make this website becoming pure advertising website it can be said for women, after repeatedly deceived will stay away from the platform, and the details from the female, fast fashion business platform is a loser.

then come to analyze this kind of website of the overall business strategy, beautiful said and did not find a road of sustainable development at the same time, but to store advertising to make money for the largest women’s fashion business sites are already so, so obvious, other sites will be the same kind of form to get profits, profit is the biggest disadvantage of this website lost and recommended screening function, purely as an advertising platform, so how can a city like advertising platform and accumulated what is the difference? Against its original intention, to give women the benefits and fashion, so that the meaning of a site will develop over time and gradually faded, especially when the situation can’t be stopped, will be more serious.


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