Upgrade baby conversion rate of 90% Amoy blue ocean Taobao training depth analysis

to improve the conversion rate of 90% baby Amoy blue ocean Taobao training depth analysis

The conversion rate of

is the key in this paper, we explore this topic, a lot of dry cargo… Product marketing to find "point"

1, attracting customers

There are many factors to attract customers, but the title of

in the key position. The customer is through the keyword search you want the product, only in the search to want the product, the customer will be detailed to understand the product.


title and product attributes are very closely connected, the seller can see the product attributes in the background to complete the integrity of their product attributes, the seller should try to complete the product attributes. Note that the product attributes, custom attributes, title, more keywords to set the main keywords.


product title bar and keyword relevance strong, can echo each other, for example: if the product main keyword is "women’s bags", in the product column keywords must appear "women’s bags".

the same token, the custom attributes to fill in the integrity of the product must also be combined with the main keywords. In addition, in accordance with the key words to write the title of the product, we should pay attention to the location of the main keywords, the main keywords in front of the product is conducive to exposure. To do this, the product ranking will rise.

2, keyword collection

is currently collecting keywords way using search drop-down box for popular keywords, from selling products, using the title background data for the product attribute combination tools, and expand keywords, using train or other tools.



keyword search to understand the state of the main word habit, and we should pay attention to avoid the use of no related words and obscure the popular key.

3, master pattern

aliexpress train in creative promotion can make good use of the seller, it is associated with your products, so the seller in the upload product images to upload one or two related title and creative promotion.


vicious competition, the ongoing price war is meaningless, the ultimate victims or sellers. To avoid the price war, it is necessary to form a difference, not only can be a combination of products or with sales, can also form their own characteristics in the picture. Specific details can refer to the following figure.


can see, the seller makes full use of the six pictures: the main figure and different from the competition; the product details on the picture text directly to do; the use of the customer’s psychological shop offers two-dimensional code, contact on the third map; finally put on a few pieces of production.

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