The story of the domain name on the nternet

years of Internet career, let me know the Internet is broad and profound, also let me deeply in love with the Internet, after work I love shopping sites, see some gossip, in some forums to express their views. Recently accidentally broke into a forum, a business network adjacent companies spend million bills to buy the domain name, at that moment I saw the name did not give me what a big feeling, this is a simple but also the domain name, I searched in my mind, too found no records related to the relatively large influence of the domain name of the website, and this domain has no what special meaning, in addition to the domain name easy to remember, I could not find out what the reason why Internet companies taking adjacent million dollar bills to buy such a domain name


domain name is often said of our web site, a good domain name record is very good, this is no doubt, but I always feel that the business of adjacent network company is absolutely impossible purely because the domain name easy to remember and buy such a domain name, with such a problem, I have a curious mind and the company made contact. Direct contact with me is a webmaster in the shop adjacent Internet company, after just a few pleasantries, I start to ask him, why your company will spend million RMB to buy such a domain? Didn’t think the webmaster really talk is very humorous, he said to me, 30, 30 three, zero, don’t you know that our company name is taking o (30)

network company?

          I feel Akira’s neighbor, Dawu, three zero, the original is a homonym, why I did not think of, is this a few years of my career is Internet baihun, lose my job or engage in network optimization, it is ashamed, ashamed ah! The owners also told me that their company not only send a lot of money to buy the domain name, they also spend a lot of money to buy the domain name, corresponding to the site is adjacent business enterprise network, which is a B2B enterprise website, the opening is not long, the operation is good, it can be said that this is a successful web site. He also said that the development of their company following the purchase of, but also classification information website, they want to buy three zero conjunction such as domain name, and not purely because it is easy to remember, is more important is to build their brand, taking adjacent brand, brand, brand to make money by then. The owners also told me about some of the many of their company, they gave me the feeling is really very professional, they have a website is a company Alibaba, Baidu included amount to about two million, daily visits to IP is more than 20 thousand, it is a good site.

is really a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, Nothing is too strange., I want to learn something of the Internet also engage in network optimization as unfathomable more ah, I think I should be modest, spend every day.

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