More than 70% of China’s media enabled CN domain name

Chinese Internet Association announced in 2007 before the "China media industry Internet brand marketing survey" shows that the application of the proportion of China’s national top-level domain in the media business has more than 70% CN, the domain name has become an important way to implement the media brand marketing and construction.

analysts believe that the face of the Beijing Olympic Games and the two wave of the Internet big opportunities and challenges, the rapid growth in the Chinese media is using the Internet to extend influence, taking the opportunity of the media convergence trend is more obvious.

CN domain name as the main domain name


report is investigation of Network Marketing Committee China Internet Association for the first time the construction of Internet brand for the media industry released, starting from the two aspects of media industry internet marketing situation and brand awareness, were investigated in China media industry in 100 well-known units, among them, 72 application CN domain name, 68 The media in CN domain name as the main domain name.

CN domain name is the top-level domain name of our country’s address resources. The working committee of the marketing network, the media through the CN domain name open network shortcut, and the brand influence extends to the Internet, but also urge the media to release information more quickly, for the younger generation of consumer groups alike.

the survey also on the media industry, Internet brand marketing awareness was investigated. Data show that in the cognitive aspects of the enterprise, to more than 70% of the respondents to the media as the "China CN domain identity" said sure, 58% of people agree that the CN domain name on the localization and the role of network marketing. In the media survey of Internet brand marketing part visiting personnel in the media influence on the choice of domain elements in the most valued "domain name security", select the rate reached 65%, "cheap" is in the proportion of 62%, followed by. More than 80% of respondents said that the company is willing to choose CN domain name.

in addition, the survey also conducted a survey of the status of the application of various media sites. Data show that 100 of the media involved in the investigation of the 52 to enable the general web site. In the general web site for the application value of the enterprise, to bring more access to become the people’s first choice, the selection rate of 36%; rich network marketing tools, the selection rate is up to 29%. At the same time, in the absence of the general web enabled media, there are 78% of respondents expressed interest in the general web site, ready to try to use.

at the end of September this year, China’s CN domain name registration volume has reached 7 million 150 thousand, more than the domestic COM domain name registration. The "report" shows that with the increase of between traditional media and traditional media and new media competition, traditional media attention for Internet marketing also gradually improve, including the CN domain, and the domain name web site Chinese Internet address resources become the enterprises to implement the important position of brand competition.

new and old media to accelerate the integration of


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