Why we can not make money on the nternet marketing two steps

wants to put the product to sell on the Internet (including industrial products and network CPS), actually easy and easy, hard to say. Why is it easy for him because of the two steps of network marketing:

1 attracts directional traffic

2 display ad

some people may ask, such a simple two step, who can make money ah! But why now there are so many people can not make money online?

that’s because these two steps are easy to learn! If you don’t do it, it’s hard to make money!

believes that these two steps, as long as people will engage in wangzhuan. It can The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong.

to attract traffic words: what bid, SEO, forum post, micro-blog, QQ, video, e-mail subscriptions and other methods, it can be said that everything

but, think about it, we attract the directional flow enough? For example, we are selling slimming products, but here is to find ways to lose weight of traffic, we may feel that this is a directional flow, but it is not really a true orientation, orientation refers to the product dare to interest and have the desire to buy people, obviously, looking for methods of weight loss doesn’t match this kind of condition! Then, we think that the directional flow, but not transformation, resulting in a rash mentality, this can track more and more far higher.

talk about the display of advertising, a lot of friends think, as long as the flow direction, even if the user experience is not good, do the general sales page, there will be a deal. Can not say that this theory is wrong, if customers need this kind of product, but also no one to compete with you, so it must be so, our products can be sold! But, want to find such a product, is really difficult!! I have such a product, this kind of experience.

not to mention the fate of the product, we have to do with examples of slimming products, method is to use the built single page SEO. We have been naive to think that, as long as I have a weight loss website, then use a high conversion rate of words as keywords to attract directional flow, it will be able to earn money! The result, the ranking is very difficult to do, these words are more competitive and difficult words! Then took with tremendous effort. The rankings do go up, but found that the conversion rate is not so high! This time, sales of a single page, which is reflected in the advertisement. My friends think carefully, we do lose weight when the station advertising page is from the Internet to take a break with others in the page link put up? If so, we want to stand in the perspective of customers, customers buy weight loss products on the Internet, is certainly the goods more than three home, the high conversion rate of the keyword is basically to compete with you, their advertising page is like this, you also like this, so why should they ask you to buy? "

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