The long awaited a big wave of micro blog V will draw lottery micro TV whale

from the beginning of October 10th, micro-blog on a wave of well-known bloggers started crazy to send welfare, to do a large potential # #, prizes all micro whale uniform 43 inch New TV, like micro-blog official micro whale said, this is the whole network to send 500 hao. What exactly is the main Bo



light is one of the three well-known bloggers have propped up micro-blog’s half of the country, high popularity and forward, also let # this topic a large amount of reading of the # easily exceeded one hundred million, we think that this is all



from the enthusiastic users included is not difficult to see the micro whales this dispatched a total of 10 Sina micro-blog super famous blogger, the number of prizes is quite moving, let thousands of users is crazy, and suddenly the whole micro-blog is # do a large # scraper.


from a number of big V’s copy is not difficult to see that the lottery time is October 15th, that is to say, a big wave of new micro whale 43 inch TV will be taken, in the micro whale combined with the previous 43 inch TV new spy photos, in addition to the 55 inch TV micro whale category, also reached 43 inches small screen market.

The Tmall

TV war double eleven "in micro whale 55 inch TV eye-catching performance of the first World War fame, a 2 minute burst sale 7000 units, the official micro whale issued: Tmall sold 3 units per 55 inch is 2 micro whale TV seems to bring the whale heroic utterance, Micro Internet TV new concept read most of the market has won the recognition of consumers, in this way the smart TV, micro whale is bound to be sleepy straws TV market some thing.

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