Yesterday Yang Yuanqing Jingdong platform for today’s lenovo mobile phone shelves

June 2nd news, today, informed sources told billion state power network broke the news, said the Jingdong owned all the lenovo mobile phone line.

billion state power network platform on the lenovo mobile phone search Jingdong official flagship store (Jingdong owned) found that broke the news as people said, the shop all products have posted "the goods have been under the cabinet, I’m very sorry!", even in the home of the most conspicuous position of the recommended products has also been marked off the shelf but the Jingdong, Lenovo computer flagship store has not yet found an exception.


home page four recommended products are displayed under the cabinet

it is understood that, in addition to Jingdong, the association also with ALI, Suning reached a cooperative relationship, the current lenovo mobile phone on these two platforms are still in normal sale. Coincidentally, yesterday once again announced joint Ali and Suning, the two sides jointly key brands a "King", launched the "trillion made plan", the formation of "three through", and plans to invest 10 billion yuan of funds to reconstruct the brand industry chain, to create a number of annual sales exceeding 50 billion yuan in "super brand three years". Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing attended the strategic conference.

According to Ali

said, "the king" brand energy, which currently has tens of billions of scale in two on the platform of the brand, such as Midea, Haier, Samsung, Hisense, HUAWEI, millet, three years, annual sales reached 50 billion yuan; which currently has 5 billion scale in the two platform brand. Such as Lenovo, SIEMENS, SONY, SKYWORTH, Canon and so on, to achieve annual sales of 20 billion yuan of the scale of three years. Lenovo is the brand list, and Yang Yuanqing at the meeting said publicly that the cooperation between the two sides is looks very beautiful, but also through the seven year itch.

billion state power network on the matter to the Jingdong for confirmation, but as of press time, the Jingdong has not yet responded to.

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