Southern China electricity supplier talent cultivation base in China is about to launch the Nancheng

2016, the electricity supplier industry, singing all the way, to achieve leapfrog development of a full range of the new norm. With the annual electricity supplier global Carnival day double 11 approaching, the electricity supplier talent shortage has caused concern in the community. In this background, guided by the Guangdong provincial higher vocational education business class teaching guidance committee and higher vocational education in foreign language teaching guidance committee, sponsored by the Shenzhen city Agel Ecommerce Ltd of Shenzhen city Southern China wolves, Southern China electricity supplier talent cultivation base seminar cum launching ceremony in Guangdong Province training of cross-border electricity supplier personnel, will be held November 2016 10-11 in Shenzhen Southern China city of electronic commerce industry garden curtain.


base carrying electricity supplier personnel training and transportation tasks

base will be landed in Shenzhen Southern China City Industrial Park, by the Shenzhen wolf Agel Ecommerce Ltd to carry out operations. Shenzhen cross-border electricity supplier development to lead the country, Southern China City Industrial Park brought together in a tree, LDK, through the extension and overgreat four cross-border electricity supplier as the representative of the electricity supplier of more than 300 enterprises, which accounted for 1/3 of cross-border electricity supplier, according to incomplete statistics, only in the park every year electricity supplier talent gap reached thousands of people. While the national excellent teaching faculty committee member unit of Shenzhen enterprises, Southern China city Agel Ecommerce Ltd as the wolf e-commerce Industrial Park, first settled in the enterprise, has been committed to the electricity supplier personnel training, have rich teaching experience in the school enterprise cooperation, business talents etc..

nearly 50 colleges and universities hundreds of teachers gathered in South China

the launch base signed the first batch of nearly 50 universities, will gather hundreds of the higher vocational colleges in Guangdong Province, international trade, e-commerce and business English and other related professional leadership and the backbone of the teaching, and the establishment of Southern China talent cultivation base of the Committee of experts, to enhance school enterprise interoperability, to ensure the normal operation of the base and the training of talents smoothly.

Southern China electricity supplier talent cultivation base, will earnestly explore the cultivation standard and core competence based on personnel curriculum, professional construction, school enterprise integration and textbook compiling practical work, to cultivate talents with professional practice ability, for cross-border electricity supplier industry to solve the problem of shortage of talent resources.

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symposium, Southern China electricity supplier talent cultivation base in China is about to launch the Nancheng

culture in Guangdong Province in the cross-border electricity supplier talent

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