s there a cure for the ills of online shopping brush single platform how to change dilemma

March 31st, the Ministry of Commerce announced the commodity circulation law (draft draft), to the public for comments. The draft made it clear that the place of the transaction prohibit operators from their own or through other fictional credit evaluation".

"consumers in online shopping will credit rating and evaluation of commodity businesses as consideration, but these evaluation or reputation is not reliable, is that we often say" brush credit ", this draft will make provisions on this issue." Chen Fuli, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce, said.

this means that online shopping brush credibility, fictional credit evaluation and other means will be illegal. It is reported that China’s first e-commerce law (Draft) is expected in the second half of this year to various departments, relevant enterprises, industry associations, experts and other public comments.

is well known, for a large number of online shop owner, high letter often means more goods, more customers and more business. But with the expansion of the number of online stores such as Taobao, the seller’s credit costs are also increasing. Credibility and sales are not high stores, Taobao’s viability is weak. For many sellers, brush credibility has become a common practice of survival.

although Taobao has a lot of special measures to combat the credibility of the brush, but the effect does not seem obvious. It should be said that the platform side is responsible for managing the behavior of brush credit and false transactions, but at this stage they do not have much energy to do. In the specific stage of the rapid development of online shopping, brush is an inevitable phenomenon." An electricity supplier who told reporters.

"brush" chronic

to Taobao, for example, if the seller did not sell the store, naturally there is no credibility, based on zero sales, simply can not attract consumers. In particular, some new sellers, they have missed the beginning of the development of the electricity supplier bonus period, and now the cost of expensive traffic, so that it has no advantage in the competition and the senior seller. The volume of transactions in the buyer’s choice of goods in possession of a certain weight, so, in the absence of sufficient funds to promote the case, many new sellers to brush the credibility of the way to create a false trading volume.

for the shop, sales and reputation determines whether they can survive, whether these sales is true or false. And attached to these shops, there are a lot of Taobao brush credit group". These groups have a clear division of labor, through the production of false sales and praise for the shop, to get commission.

"on Taobao, basically there are business people in the brush single." An electricity supplier practitioners told reporters, brush single shop has become a fixed cost, just like promotion fees." According to him, the cost of each single brush shop is different, generally in the 3-8 yuan. For example, the customer price at around 100 yuan of goods, generally to brush a dozen to dozens of single. No sales of goods can not be sold, the seller must do."

single brush drill behavior is actually Taobao rules loopholes." Taobao

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