Flat share server inside large exposure










a server to add a IP100 yuan, actually 10 people and 20 people you rent is two IP  a

        IP space so you two times to buy is not the same as the    

A: generally a server to sell copies of 150-170 (    real numbers don’t doubt – not surprisingly)    

probably flat-share insider information, only provide a reference,

1.    90% flat-share taking his flat-share station not only a flat-share can have 5-6 flat-share site, this, let us very depressed, no matter how you choose to finally run away he sets in.

2. on the server if you buy the shelves of server space you must use less than 12 months (the reason you don’t know how long the server has been added to our

3.) if they promise you absolutely guarantee the use of 12 months, I’m sure definitely not 20 people flat-share. (the reason, when you buy the server has been on the shelves for 3 months, the

  server;       hosting a year is 12 months if it is 20 people.

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