NetEase earnings hidden mystery has inadvertently make electricity supplier network

today, NetEase released Q4 earnings, although the game business, as always, to make money, but the electricity supplier business performance is more eye-catching performance. Under the electricity supplier of cross-border electricity supplier in the spring of the electricity supplier market, the results are remarkable, but NetEase electricity supplier can not only koala sea purchase, in addition to other products driven by the killer to promote the development of.

earnings brisk NetEase electricity providers still hold big move

in the past more than half a year, Ding Lei personally led the NetEase to promote the rapid growth of the koala sea purchase, but also for the purchase of the koala sea have succeeded in carrying out an assignment to bring 355.5% of the electricity supplier NetEase year-on-year growth results, heady koala sea purchase cross-border electricity market become a dazzling star, but in this quarter Ding Lei doesn’t seem willing to give too much the koala sea purchase specific operating data, but still being added to the mailboxes, and other business revenue statements.

from the previous NetEase earnings performance habits, online game services, advertising services, mailboxes, electricity providers and other businesses, these three business revenue performance can be directly found. In contrast to the previous earnings data is not difficult to find, at this stage of the game is based on the NetEase, contributed nearly 80% of the income of the NetEase; advertising revenue is the icing on the cake for the NetEase, the overall performance; mailboxes, and other NetEase is the largest market variables.

actually, NetEase business potential has been reflected in the last 15 years Q3, Q2, Q1 and Q4, 14 years Q3 four quarter mailboxes, and other revenues were 505 million yuan, 448 million yuan, 381 million yuan, 388 million yuan, to the last Q3 koala sea purchase began a comprehensive promotion, this part of the revenue suddenly increased to 1 billion 4 million yuan, while the Q4 quarter reached 1 billion 791 million yuan more, which shows the business has become the NetEase performance growth point.

lottery, insurance, your gold and koala sea purchase: electricity supplier layout of the four killer business

however, even if Ding Lei did not want to do too much introduction of specific operational data, but the NetEase business lines of business could not remain silent, after all also need appropriate publicity is conducive to the growth of the product line. At present, the koala is the center of NetEase sea purchase electricity supplier, so the focus of publicity NetEase electricity supplier also is around the sea especially the koala koala purchase, sea purchase performance is particularly brisk that many people think that the NetEase business only koala sea purchase only, in addition to other NetEase koala electricity providers also do business strategy reserve other products, or the first few quarters have 3-5 million mailboxes, and other revenues are come from?

in fact, before the sea is koala purchase, by the network lottery support NetEase’s business, but in February last year, a paper ban makes net lottery sales stagnant at the same time, the koala sea just to fill the on-line purchase for sale of lottery and bring the business revenue of 0 performance gaps, so we from the NetEase earnings data can not see the importance of the lottery business of NetEase, but the comparison of the 14 quarters.

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