Pat shoes Network quietly running a new distribution model

according to the relevant data show that in 2009 China’s total of 130 million consumers in the online purchase of $267 billion of goods, than in 2008 to achieve an increase of 90.7%. At the same time, the survey shows that online shopping satisfaction second only to large shopping malls and supermarkets, the complaint rate fell 27.5%. The report shows that in 2009 the amount of online shopping is equivalent to 2.1% of the total retail sales of social commodities, while in 2008 this figure was 1.3%. However, compared with developed countries, China’s online shopping penetration is still at a low level.

China’s e-commerce development has its own advantages, the number of Internet users in China has reached 384 million, ranking first in the world. "And the development of electronic commerce is conducive to further promote the development of the acquisition" dividend "process, commodity circulation is the traditional goods from the factory through wholesalers wholesale, and finally to the retail terminal, sold to consumers. Consumers in order to get the goods to pay a lot of channel costs. Through e-commerce, the factory can be sold directly to consumers in the future, which will save a lot of social costs, including the use of energy." Based on the Internet, the Internet of things, through the development of electronic commerce barter, so that people are expected to approach zero inventory, zero waste and zero transaction costs of a new era.

it is reported that this zero inventory business model has been achieved in e-commerce, the country’s largest footwear B2C website shoes network, the business model has been run to the specific operation. Making shoes in the use of the program to build a good platform independent website, after obtaining authorization to manufacturers, only need to contact manufacturers without goods, after receiving the order, notify the manufacturer shipment to the customer, to complete the whole process of the transaction. This greatly reduces the risk of stock and investment funds, the cost is greatly reduced, at the same time by the manufacturers shipped directly to the buyer, but also saves intermediate logistics costs, this is a new distribution mode on the Internet quietly rising.

reduce the purchasing cost, according to the traditional model, as sellers need to operate their own products purchasing back, then sales, travel expenses arising in the procurement process, and the loss cost of procurement of goods on the way is not a small fee. The use of this distribution model, the entire procurement process can be completed online, greatly saving the traditional model of procurement costs, reducing procurement costs.

The rapid development of

online shopping has a great relationship with the improvement of online shopping environment. According to estimates, in 2009 934 thousand per pen online shopping transaction to produce an administrative department for Industry and commerce or consumer associations complaints, compared with 2008 per 677 thousand online shopping transaction will produce a business or consumer complaints, complaint rate decreased by 27.5%. With the development of online shopping platform system, as well as some treatment measures to safeguard the interests of consumers, online shopping consumers through online shopping sites rather than by a complaint to the administrative department of industry and commerce or consumer associations to resolve trade disputes. The convenience of online shopping in the complaint

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