Small businesses do e commerce things

with the rapid development of the Internet, many enterprises want to top a cup of soup, many had never used OCS traditional enterprises have also begun to explore the online business. Before the most listened to C2C, B2C and B2B like nouns, in recent years a new term for the industry is very familiar with; that is O2O, is also about to offline business opportunities in conjunction with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions.

of course, no matter the size of the company now, certainly not to do C2C, but do B2C or B2B. But we all know, these so-called pattern of people who are already doing big, and are very mature; there are the most important point is that they have formed a system; in addition they have their own funds in support of venture capital, accumulation. They can take a huge amount of money for their new model or marketing strategy, and as some small businesses do not have this; small companies do not have the resources to support these activities.

ten years ago, maybe you have a small shop or upload a web page to do a website, just upload some above goods, you can become a make people feel mysterious business, maybe you can send a network of money. But now, the development of the Internet is too fast, too many people have a dream of the ideal people to join them, and all aspects have been infiltrated by some giants. If you do business now, just sell shoes sell clothes and do the bidding or web promotion at Baidu, it can be said that it is impossible for you to be successful, because this is a boring thing, the wind could not see you, but you don’t have enough money to hit.

I am now working for the company is also a traditional enterprise, I have done is the work of their e-commerce this piece – 69DIY. The reason why I had to abandon their own favorite treatment and much better than it education company here, is to see the electronic commerce here do not ordinary shoes sell clothes to sell or sell digital products, but their products through online sales assistant; while products is of special personality new photo book other products, at the same time relative to the local counterparts have good hardware and software platform.

for small businesses do business, the author believes that small businesses do not have enough money to do business, do not have enough manpower to do promotion, so should do their own articles in their promotion at the same time outside the station. Because now stand outside the promotion of Internet users have been abandoned, the effect is often very low. The author is currently engaged in the industry, the relevant professional site is not only on the network, sales or product exhibition site, so we can use this to fill the vacancy, to know if successful future. In addition, the promotion is a hand in the station, but now we should not be used before the way, perhaps the set theorists would already before by way of packaging was very gorgeous, but the author is not a talkative person, I love something, "

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