The future of B2C E commerce

B2C usually refers to the business to the customer, that is we often mention network mall this kind of electronic commerce website, is a B2C mall early, according to reports, is continuous loss after a few years, in 09 years to start e-commerce website profit. And now every day in the rise of the B2C mall, the future of the B2C mall to go where


Ma Yun said a word such as 2011 is the year of the B2C mall bubble, the meaning of this sentence has been very clear. We have already seen like Dangdang, where customers, Jingdong, etc. the dream bazaar B2C mall also began to grow, could not resist the temptation to B2C, want to share in e-commerce this big piece of cake. I see these two days there is such a word, "the life and death of the two years of the vast expanse of the, Taobao, eBay died. There ah pat, no place to be miserable. Even meet should not know, Amazon, newegg. Dangdang suddenly listed in New York, hurt his girlfriend, scolded investment bank. Excellent speechless, Jingdong busy price. Material prices rose year by year." From this sentence we can see the electronic commerce website situation now how awkward, but there are many competitors to join, although there is no group purchase website come so suddenly, but never lose to group purchase posture.

from now on several B2C e-commerce is better to look at the B2C industry but also how to develop an article yesterday, also said the development of electronic commerce is a bottleneck in the logistics, e-commerce website good in them more than others so a bit, have their own logistics in some areas, like every guest, Jingdong, Newegg have their own logistics. But their logistics system is not perfect only covers the local area. If you want to get involved in this industry, it is necessary to have their own logistics network in the evening, which is the future of B2C mall to improve the point. Alibaba has proposed this year to build their own logistics system. And create their own mobile E-commerce mall, the future of e-commerce is another battlefield battlefield between the thumb.

why these B2C there is a mall to their own reasons, is in essence in this business to customer service for businesses to buy things, his quality will be before, but not because of a small commodity broken the entire mall reputation. This is what we talked about e-commerce integrity issues, which depends on whether the survival of the mall B2C prerequisites. It is the era of the Internet era of advanced information, B2C mall can not tolerate the slightest negative impact. Only in this way can you stand firm in this industry, in order to lead the industry.

third development trend is the same with the ordinary shopping service, anyway, who do not want your customer only in your site enough once again did not come, this is the mall to do service. Services include a lot of things, the sale of goods, customer complaints handling services, shopping guide services, etc.. I can’t say I sell you something, I don’t care, I just finished. This idea is wrong, there is the question >

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