Ali v silly push net case trial Wednesday claims 2 million 160 thousand yuan

surging news in Xihu District on 13 from the Hangzhou City People’s court was informed that the day before, the Alibaba group submitted the prosecution, the hospital has been formally accept the group sued the brush single platform "silly push net" of suspected cases of serious harm to the market competition order.

it is reported that the electricity supplier platform to prosecute single brush platform is the first time in the country.

indictment shows that Alibaba brush platform to push the net, the subject of a total of 2 million 160 thousand yuan claims. According to the West Lake court row, the case will be held on the morning of February 15th trial.


" silly push net "organization scalping illegal profit about 2000000 yuan, but under current laws only sentenced to 100 thousand yuan of the administrative penalty, it can be said unscathed." The reason for the prosecution of brush single platform, Alibaba platform management department relevant responsible person said that the administrative punishment apparently has been unable to effectively punish brushes, so Alibaba seeking through civil litigation, within the legal framework of the exhaustion of all means "kill" brush organizer.

said the person in charge, Ali once won, all the compensation will be used to build a single brush fund to encourage more social forces to actively participate in the community of all the clues to conduct credit speculation and tracing.

, according to Alibaba, in order to combat brush Gang, the group has set up a professional team within the group to track the whereabouts of the brush gang.

only in April 2016 so far, in addition to ‘silly push net’, has been with the law enforcement departments to investigate and deal with a number of large-scale speculation platform.

in the court’s submission of the complaint, the Alibaba said, in order to make the brush single platform data is seriously polluted, not only damage evaluation system, to mislead consumers, also constitute unfair competition, serious harm to the market competition order, damage the reputation and market competitiveness of Alibaba.

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