n addition to the three quarter of Ali electricity supplier harvest more flowering

yesterday, Ali Q3 released the 16 fiscal quarter earnings, the data rose across the board in the 4 quarter of 15, up to 964 billion GMV, occupying 11.3% of the total social zero in the same period, Ali influence on retail industry continues to strengthen. In addition, Ali, Ali cloud, word of mouth, nails, intime, ah, and other businesses have made a breakthrough, the rapid growth of these businesses will bring more expansion of the future of ali.

Ali GMV, revenue, users, profits continued to rise

Ali had before the second quarter release reduced revenue expectations, while the third quarter revenue and profit both super analyst expectations, after adjustment and financial data, Ali gives people a breakthrough in the market illusion. Ali had lowered second quarter revenue, under great pressure of public opinion, but to ensure that the second quarter revenue results for a smooth landing, final two quarter earnings have exceeded analysts’ expectations, while the third quarter Alibaba total net revenues of 34 billion 543 million yuan, 33 billion 330 million yuan again over 27 analysts on average expected. Two consecutive quarterly results exceeded analysts’ expectations, indicating that Ali still maintained a strong growth rate.

from the angle of financial investment, exceeding analyst expectations that Ali’s investment value increase, which also makes the opening night before Ali shares rose 3.9%, but involvement in the stock market, even Chinese to slump, stock prices can not keep up the momentum of ali. In fact, the outside world has been to Ali’s expectations too high, single quarter GMV growth of 177 billion 700 million for other electricity supplier companies will be very remarkable achievements, the Jingdong Q3 GMV is only 115 billion, in other words, the increment of GMV a quarter of Ali is much more than the amount of GMV Jingdong a progress, but in the capital market is the performance of stock price not so friendly to ali.

Ali’s third quarter GMV was 964 billion yuan, an increase of 35%, a net increase of 251 billion yuan. The second quarter GMV quarter accounted for about 9.6% of the total agency China zero, while the third quarter exceeded 10%, rose to 11.3%, China Ali position in the retail market is growing, the third quarter the number of active buyers platform annual growth of 21 million, increased to 407 million in December, the mobile terminal number of monthly active users reached 393 million, an increase of 47 million, the transition of Ali has completed the PC to the mobile terminal, the electricity supplier status is more stable.

on profitability, Ali’s third quarter revenue of 34 billion 543 million yuan, compared with the previous year’s 26 billion 179 million yuan increase of 32%, profit 12 billion 434 million yuan, an increase of 33%. Revenue continued to improve, making the hands of Ali has sufficient funds to further expand the electricity supplier market, and this part of the investment in turn, enhance Ali’s GMV. 15 years of cross-border electricity supplier, the rural electricity supplier is the focus of Ali’s expansion of the top two markets, including rural Taobao village service site has more than 12000, covering almost every province 1>

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