A preliminary study on the specialization of vertical websites in B2B industry

China B2B e-commerce market entered a rapid development stage, vertical B2B e-commerce e-commerce website has become the blue ocean, but not all investors fit into this new world, is the largest professional threshold to enter the business field of vertical B2B. In this paper, two domestic and foreign famous vertical B2B e-commerce website as an example, through the analysis of the electronic commerce website, find out the vertical B2B e-commerce website in some methods how to reflect the professional problems, and puts forward some suggestions, in order to enter the vertical B2B e-commerce field investors some enlightenment.

a, B2B definition and classification

B2B (Business to Business) refers to the exchange of products, services and information between enterprises and enterprises through the internet. B2B is a kind of e-commerce transactions in the classification of objects, the general information release and matchmaking based, mainly to establish a bridge between businesses.

the current domestic B2B field there are two main models. One is the industry vertical B2B e-commerce website, for an industry to do deep, do thoroughly, such sites can employ traditional industry experts, scholars, more authoritative and accurate in the professional. The other is a horizontal type of comprehensive B2B e-commerce sites, covering the entire industry, in the breadth of efforts with industry vertical B2B website difficult to match the advantages of this kind of website in brand awareness, the number of users, cross industry, technology development and other aspects of the user, although it is not necessarily customers want, slightly less than in the user accuracy, service industry depth etc..

are some well-known domestic software manufacturers out of the special type of website construction of B2B CMS software, such as B2B industry vertical net technology portal system (WRMPS), because it has a professional R & D team, so technically, big up as a professional web site operators in B2B the product technology research and development, and to explore and research the software development company also kept on software professional, making their products for commercial operation mode for B2B website.

two, specialization is the largest threshold to enter the vertical class B2B

can be seen from the above definition, the vertical class B2B relative to the integrated class B2B, its biggest difference and advantage is its professionalism. According to Analysys International "Chinese online B2B Market Research Report 2008" user survey found that the professional is preferred because customers choose vertical class B2B. Thus, the vertical class B2B in order to obtain the survival of the B2B e-commerce market space, strengthen the professionalism is the most important factor. So, from what aspects to reflect the vertical B2B professional? This paper will take two vertical B2B e-commerce website as an example to explore some methods.

three, China Chemical Network and GlobalSpec electronic business

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