Electricity supplier price war three protagonists are suspected of price fraud

development and Reform Commission, Jingdong, Suning and Gome’s electricity supplier promotional alleged price fraud

Zhao Nan

Jingdong and suning.com mall, Gome (00493.HK) stir "supplier of promotional war" turned out to be a farce.

for 8· 15 electricity supplier price war, the national development and Reform Commission Price supervision and Inspection Bureau and the relevant person in charge of the Anti-monopoly Bureau said yesterday that the initial identification of the above three parties and its online mall suspected of fraud.

"if a person is a brilliant image, there is no defect, then this person must be a liar. I must have many shortcomings……" Jingdong mall board chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) not long ago, this response in advance to do self-criticism". Although he said he did not Care (care) outside controversy, but the public is also very sincere apology Care Jingdong.

yesterday, Jingdong "8· 15 price war" issued an apology statement, but this is the "release" Jingdong (Jingdong mall official authoritative information release) the micro-blog certified account issued by the Jingdong, compared to the mall with about 1900000 fans of the micro-blog certification account, as of press time ago "Jingdong" has only 400 fans. This also led to the public for Jingdong deliberately low-key apology questioned.

is a development and Reform Commission on the "First Financial Daily reporters, the NDRC has sent 4 working groups, respectively, to the Jingdong, suning.com, the United States, and reflect the situation of the Amoy network stationed investigation.

survey found that the three companies involved in the price war in the main aspects of the alleged price gouging in the three aspects: promotional price higher than the original price, not fully fulfill the price commitment, with the exclusive sale of products such as parity. But there are also some data a false problem.


the person said to the reporter, the NDRC has been in accordance with legal procedures and interviewed three actual participation in the price war electricity supplier, and has been clearly put forward rectification requirements.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, the original price of goods is the lowest price in the 7 days before the promotion of product transactions, and if the actual promotional price higher than the lowest price of the transaction within the previous 7 days on suspicion of false promotions.

survey found that Jingdong mall has some commodity varieties did not meet its commitment to zero gross profit. According to media reports, the relevant departments of Jingdong’s 15 kinds of products show that the gross profit margin of 22.43% of these products up to 4%, the highest gross profit margin reached even after the promotion of up to $10%.

in addition to the existence of the false phenomenon is that some of the electricity supplier is committed to the sale of goods, but it is marked on the shop without goods, and the results show that the actual inventory of the merchant warehouse. Another alleged false promotional performance is that some of the electricity supplier promotional products are exclusive, other businesses do not, >

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