Tencent shot remediation micro business three initiatives can purify micro shopping district

It is reported that in May 15th

news, Tencent is about the introduction of new regulations, mainly about the brutal soaring derivative regulation. Circle of friends to buy a micro channel to buy a mask, coupled with a similar MLM distribution model, so that the general spread of micro carriers such as viruses. If not regulated, disrupt the ecosystem WeChat micro chamber rectification, presumably by that time, the WeChat platform will lose a large number of users. This is the Tencent absolutely do not want to see, so the standard circle of friends of micro business, have come to a critical point to. The specific aspects of the Tencent has three initiatives, then the ability to purify the micro shopping district?


NO1: Supervision of micro shopping district commodity

Tencent will monitor the micro circle of friends, especially the micro business to sell goods, many micro businesses in fact no two. Through the circle of friends to sell a variety of poor quality goods to the mask based, accounting for about 80% of the market share. In fact, a lot of mask is a small brand, quality is not guaranteed, and even a lot of harm to the human body. But the black heart of the micro business to make money, choose to entrap the relatives and friends, this phenomenon is cure. Otherwise, after the micro business reputation will be getting worse, followed by the micro business model, the distribution of the development of offline, and the notorious MLM is not much difference.

NO2: the micro business operators Registration

most of the current micro operators or individuals, the real strength of the micro business is not much, but it is because of this, so it is more trouble monitoring. Tencent to micro business operators registration information, is a direct and effective method. If it is an operator in the micro business, it can register the user’s real name, identity card information. In order to facilitate the official management of these Tencent micro business users, once the official receipt of the official report of the Tencent, or is found to have no regulatory requirements of micro. Can be punished, even the title processing. The operation by the company or the group of micro operators should be required to submit a business license and other pieces of information.

NO3: open micro public account

Tencent will also open the WeChat micro public account, and issued the relevant provisions of the new regulation, the micro district is a long way to go. Taking into account the micro business, the interests of ordinary WeChat users, more importantly, Tencent want to vigorously promote micro business. In the field of electricity providers, Tencent has been a semi warm not fire, and now Tencent has no real business platform. Micro business hot let Tencent saw the hope that the WeChat platform will be easier to shop than Taobao, more money. In order to attract a large number of small business owners choose to shop, especially those individual shopkeepers, choose to give up Taobao micro business is also very possible.

Tencent began to regulate the micro business district, so that more healthy development of micro business down, but after all, WeChat chat tool. And Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity supplier model is different, when users play WeChat shopping desire. So micro providers to go beyond the traditional electricity supplier, but also takes a long time, the user’s shopping habits are changing, the use of mobile shopping >

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