Tmall double eleven liquor sales champion 1919 playing what trick

belong to the liquor electricity supplier, one after the board on the new board, and in the "double eleven" repeatedly fight, it’s easy to brewmaster network and 1919 considered the same, but their gene is completely different. 2015 "double eleven", two expected play not staged, but the advantages and disadvantages of the two modes has emerged.

play, but play

2015 double eleven, Ali, Suning, Gome, Jingdong have stirred the rattling of business circle". But Ali won the total transaction amount (GMV) first no suspense, quite a few other "extras" means, the audience’s interest is not high.

but there are still some vertical areas can be seen, especially mobile phones and alcohol.

2014 "double eleven" 23 hours before the 1919 leading the way, the last hour brewmaster network at a very low price to sell Moutai, Wuliangye, safflower Lang and lifted the restriction. The final brewmaster network and 1919 in Tmall’s sales were 80 million yuan and 72 million yuan. No wonder people have speculated that the brewmaster network and the 1919 in 2015 to "strike violently".

has an interesting episode in November 6th 1919 announced the suspension due to major asset reorganization, the reorganization of the object is Shanghai rumors of the net purchase wine, and published as "double eleven" 23:30. If the 1919 year like lead, brewmaster network is ready to repeat the stock tricks with third, then suddenly 1919 net purchase wine "fit", will completely break the opponent’s dream.

what a dramatic scene it will be!


in Chinese confidential work too difficult to do, "double eleven" less than 1919 "restructuring plan is almost known to all". Perhaps because of this, the brewmaster network for the first to give up.

According to Tmall

data cube, the double eleven day liquor sales in the first three shops were 1919, brewmaster network and the purchase of wine. Trading index in turn 3412867, 2506338, 1893760. Trading index is a comprehensive evaluation of the data, and traffic, turnover, turnover and other parameters related to the specific algorithm is not open.


addition, the 1919 aspects of the disclosure of the report is: Tmall turnover of 157 million (ranked first wine), offline sales of 112 million, the purchase of wine online and offline sales line of 156 million. 1919 and 425 million of total net purchase wine.

this year, Tmall brewmaster network heavily sponsored by the "double eleven" party, bought four primetime, and on the day but not blindly play low promotion war." Advertising may not be more rational than the price war, and consumers will undoubtedly welcome price war. May be signed sponsorship, do not know when to buy advertising with the merger of 1919 to buy wine, and then think about the situation under the new situation to grab the first price is too large, so

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