Su Ninghong child Yuzuo maternal and child market profits to the price killer

fiery electricity supplier market, the mother is undoubtedly one of the most potential industries. According to the China infant industry research center report, in recent years, the baby market continued to maintain a high growth rate of around 15%, is expected in 2015 the baby market will reach the size of 2 trillion yuan. However, the huge market space and Chinese on maternal and child industry specific consumption habits, resulting in high market price phenomenon is serious, some time ago, the NDRC launched the milk industry antitrust investigation, let mother industry profits in front of consumers.

but this market may be because the new spoiler comes the great change according to insiders Suning, old mother online shopping brand red children are prepared to use Suning into the line to open the store, double the same price and some time ago Su Ningli push ", the whole network parity", is likely to make the red child as one of the most influential maternal and child category price killer.

at present, maternal and child market not only high prices, dragons and fishes jumbled together, also continue to burst inferior clothing, children’s toys and other events, forcing young parents to pay more attention to security issues. According to Su Ningyun’s (002024, shares) chain platform responsible person said, red children’s first store is being prepared, will be officially opened in the near future. They said that the store is different from the traditional maternal and child products line, Red Kids store not only sell products, it is the transmission of scientific parenting, it serves the entire family rather than a single individual, combined with maternal and infant industry of precision marketing, leading experience, mature store management and other advantages, red child entity shop to become the most trusted brand parenting experts. After the completion of the red child shop, will also be the children’s play paradise. It will set sales, experience, after-sales service and so on, is worthy of the trust of the child care experts.

for the industry, the most lethal, red children will continue after the completion of the store, Suning stores the dual pricing strategy, price and online price, and compared to other online shopping channels have a competitive advantage. Insiders said that the overall procurement scale and price strategy, the red child store will be the first in the price of retail market baby have a strong impact, with more and more large-scale, standardized enterprises to join the market mother infant industry competition will become more intense, more rational, consumers will be more and more affordable.

not long ago, the general manager Su ningyun maternal makeup division Chen Shuang said in an interview, at the beginning of July, launched the "red child beauty mother berserk 72 hours" big promotion activities, a record single day baby cosmetics orders, this is a very good attempt, also accelerated the Suning lane the pace of the market by redBaby mother.

earlier, the red child, just a few large bin purchase layout of city of Beijing, Shanghai, the market is not great. With Suning red children, set up a professional maternal and child products division, in the city set up a special marketing management department, which means that the 58 Suning region are responsible for baby cosmetics personnel, provide strong guarantee for comprehensive development of the national market > baby cosmetics

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