Suning Appliance suspension or affected by the acquisition of red children rumors

Tencent finance Choi September 25th Shanghai reported

Suning Appliance 25, announced that due to media reports may have a greater impact on the company’s stock trading price, announced a temporary suspension from now on.

yesterday afternoon, a micro-blog executive vice president of Li Bin, lead to a number of media to verify its acquisition of the main electricity supplier maternal and child products "red child".

Li Bin at micro-blog said, "the dust settles, tomorrow (25 days) is destined to shock electric business industry day, the industry is big, the consumer is a great event, is the event of"

and another domestic famous founder of Tencent financial vertical electricity supplier website said, according to his knowledge, redBaby purchase has been finalized, just wait for the announced time.

had been part of the media received news that will hold a press conference on the afternoon of 25. There are people in the industry analysis, or today officially announced the acquisition of red child.

According to informed sources, the acquisition of

, the price is reasonable, the basic investment is invested over the years, there is no premium".

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