Music as the world’s first eco flagship store landing O2O strategy in Russia or the United States c

is used to model the American Amazon electricity supplier users will feel a different kind of mode! In October 17th, music as ecological O2O sales platform in micro-blog CEO Zhang Zhiwei said: "as the ecological flagship store opened in Russia, is the first O2O model of music as ecological demonstration samples in the global market, which is ahead of the layout of eco O2O 10.19! As the United States" BIG BANG ", will not only be the milepost of music as ecology, it is also a core variable in O2O industry. Ecological electricity supplier, is walking in the subversion of the road…

in the Russian market, as the ecological flagship store has been officially operating. Russian President Putin also praised the music named: "we are very welcome, and will fully support from Chinese partners such as LETV, investment in Russia’s domestic content!" in fact, this is not the first global music market recognition. May of this year, as the music and the Russian Internet Development Association (IID), the Russian export center and the Russian JSC digital television network, signed as music ecological landing in Russia quartet. Earlier, Putin was invited to become the founder of LETV Jia Yueting banquet guest; then Russian Deputy Prime Minister to visit to visit China, named LETV, become a story of the friendly relations between China and russia.


‘s first overseas flagship store landing in Russia, into a strategic global benchmark


Moscow time on October 15th, LETV in Russia to create a new record, 1200 sets of music as a super mobile phone in less than an hour, it was sold out.

the same day, Russia’s first music as the flagship store in the high-end shopping malls in Moscow Atrium grand opening. In addition to the most popular music 2 and Max2 mobile phone, the site also shows in the upcoming sale of Russian music as ecological super TV, headset, VR helmet, the world’s first Le smart bike Super Bike, and a 120 inch super TV the largest in the world, almost all the top level ecological LETV terminal products fully unveiled in Russia, at the mall caused a stir.

LeREE LETV CEO Xu Xinquan micro-blog described the scene: "Moscow LeRee brand shop opened on the first day to create the industry’s record, the early morning of the second day there is hundreds of people queuing up to panic buying! Especially impressive is those who braved the freezing cold, in the streets of Moscow queue for 5 hours to fight panic buying enthusiasm the national fans, and pushing a baby, come on crutches to the enthusiastic fans, the little girl boys." According to the media said, up to more than a thousand people lined up, the scene is very warm, the temperature of the outdoor temperature can not stop the enthusiasm of fans. 1200 sets of music as mobile phone was sold out in less than an hour, a line of single store sales record.

super popular mobile phone almost as expected, the previous 919 fans Festival, LETV already feel the Russians enthusiasm, online flash purchase orders that 8 minutes break million units, "

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