Do Wangzhuan months summary

I do Wangzhuan there are a few months. The joy is pregnant with sorrow, I learned some Wangzhuan introductory skills, the tragedy is only a few months to earn hundreds of yuan. Let me talk about my experience.

I was learning the computer, but didn’t touch wangzhuan. My friend in QQ chat with me that he earned hundreds of dollars on the network, I asked him the specific circumstances, he was doing 51vk CPA. So I did with him 51vk.

bought space, domain name, and put my friends to my ad page. Then go to the 51vk registration number, put the CPA code. The next step is to promote, I mainly to pull QQ chat room and UC chat room. The specific method is to find ways to let the other side to add you as a friend, set your number automatically reply, reply to the content of your ad is naturally. By this method 3 or 4 hours a day can earn tens of dollars. It’s just too tired. Just think about what you can do to relax yourself and make money. So I thought of buying traffic. Through a friend introduced me to the 779 union to buy traffic. For the first time to buy a 2000 flow, and in the back put his swap chain. The result is a day earned 10 pieces. Think no effort, you can make money, they continue to buy traffic. But the effect is getting worse, the last is the basic fight and. So I would like to find a good point of IP traffic union. So I found another one. It’s a new League called the 919 flow alliance. Same way with the same ad page. Results 2000 of the traffic can earn $more than and 20. Hey, the effect is better than 779, I think it should be the reason for the new union. Less cheating, false flow less. Alliance on cheating monitoring more stringent bar.

do 51vk more and more people. I have less and less profit. So I started sp. SMS alliance with the front of the hearing. Flow union or 919 flow alliance. SP basically do not make money, it can be a good preservation. So soon I’m working on other projects. I also did during the 51vk CPS, also made ud99 CPA, CPS, cpas. In a few months did not earn any money, but learned a lot of network knowledge, but also to make a lot of friends.

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