Mobile phone shop selling large businesses not Sheng first decline the abolition of resale store


mobile phone store sales did not decline first big businesses cut Sheng resale store

an ex factory price of 500 yuan mobile phone, to the hands of consumers at least $1000.

around 2012, China’s mobile phone market is in the transition from functional phones to smart phones, from 2G to 3G dual transformation node. The excitement of the market transformation has stimulated the participation of many different backgrounds. However, they are placed in front of a traditional long mobile phone channel mode, from generation to generation in the province, to the municipal and district level proxy agent, a mobile phone at least 30%-50% of the profits by middlemen phagocytosis, coupled with the retail price, to consumers is the ex factory price of 2 times many.

at that time, in addition to close to the channel operators Chinese cool Union, channel innovation of mobile phone manufacturers are mainly two ways: one is the millet as the representative of the Internet business model; the other is to THL, Shenzhen Zhuopu manufacturers represented by direct selling shops. Here the shop direct refers to the mobile phone manufacturers to open stores, direct sales to the terminal retail segment, rather than the traditional mobile phone channel model directly to the supplier of mobile phone manufacturers.

now, millet has gone on the road to success, shop direct mode is almost bankrupt.

shut shop

"at the beginning of the situation is very good, Huaqiang North, a forty or fifty square meter shop, net profit of 2 million yuan a month." In June 20th, the general manager of Shenzhen Zhuopu communications equipment Co. Ltd. Xu Chunwei on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, Zhuo Pugang cut into the mobile phone brand operation, with high cost and low efficiency, the traditional domestic mobile phone channel, thought is direct, skim the intermediate links, the construction of its own channels directly facing the terminal consumers, including proprietary flagship store, stores etc..

‘s predecessor is mainly engaged in mobile phone OEM, through ODM, OEM and other accumulated experience in the development and production of some mobile phones, and hope that China’s intelligent machine conversion tide, brand operation. At that time, their judgment of the market, whether manufacturers or new brands to enter the market, in the face of the intelligent mobile phone almost at the same starting line, ZOPO hope that through the "low high" to quickly build the brand image, at the same time, in the channel mode, direct selling shops can bring profit space 20%-30%.

March 2012, the first zorp direct flagship store opened in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, and launched the first intelligent mobile phone based on MediaTek MT6575 chip platform. The shop on the same day, including MediaTek global marketing director Lin Zhihong, SHARP Asia President Ohashi Yasuhiro and other executives were come to join the industry chain.

in promoting the effect of money under the flagship store Huaqiang North, zorp quickly started to replicate this model in other regions, just six months out of the more than and 100 new stores, including both direct also joined.

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