Step by step to teach you to operate foreign trade shop SOHO foreign trade shop experience

step by step to teach you to operate foreign trade shop, SOHO foreign trade shop experience

found that many foreign friends, especially SOHO friends, for how management experience of foreign trade shop is relatively small, the small Cui teach you step by step how to operate your foreign trade shop, mainly from how to find the source of foreign trade, how to build trade shop, shop how do promotion, how to shop online payment, and how to carry out English communicate with foreign customers, how to choose the international logistics express, the little experience of other aspects and so on, share and share.

one, how to find foreign trade supply

1, foreign trade may be the first to have a product, there are sources, where to find the source of foreign trade, how to find?. As long as you carefully, you can find a better. Foreign trade is the most famous mainly concentrated in China’s coastal areas, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fujian, Shanghai and other coastal areas. Guangzhou watches and bags; Fujian Putian shoes; Shenzhen electronics are more well-known foreign trade.

2, looking for agents, looking for a good shop to do foreign trade business, and they work together to do their agents, to make money from the difference. And is free to provide pictures to you. Do not purchase, a generation of delivery. So you don’t have to worry about no money, goods sold out, to achieve zero inventory. As long as the seller to provide you with the image of the internet shop can pass. The quality of the goods, of course, you have to examine the agency.

3, as long as the quality is good, the wholesale price is cheap, then sell your product is a good source of goods, the greater the profit, the better. Do not look for a small supply of Oh, this may be half of your success.

two, how to build foreign trade shop

1, why do you want to build an online shop on the e-commerce platform (such as eBay) on the sale of it? But you have considered the number of sellers in the eBay?. Some prices are cheaper than your purchase price. How fierce the competition. So we must build an independent foreign trade shop.

2, with an independent foreign trade shop can have their own sites, and others do not have to die on the platform. Independent foreign trade shop can also establish their own brand and credit, and their management, etc..

3, a good foreign trade shop must be in the photo shoot, product prices, customer service, customer experience, as well as the deployment of color and other aspects of the building.

4, select the appropriate domain name, the domain name is good to remember simple, you can show our product features, so that people look at you know what your site is doing. Good domain names are also good for search engines.

5, choose a good space to place the website server, we do foreign trade business, customers are foreigners, of course we choose foreign website space space, so that foreign customers to visit our website speed will be faster, the customer experience will be good, business.

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