Baidu has the potential to be more than a huge number of businesses ready to stay

business circle has a "saying:" the king. Whether it is business model or entrepreneurial platform, look ahead, seize the initiative, the Internet can always create one after another myth. The earliest web site, the earliest comprehensive portal…… they are in their respective areas continue to dominate the market, other operators to enter the threshold is not high and. These successful models have been told us: the Internet is an eternal law of king.


does not mean forever king king. Never be a market rule. I love the early FoxPro with the preparation of the enterprise management system, the website is "I love to help in the Forum Forum", mixed day, found that most of the nation’s VFPER love to myf1, several other fox website’s popularity has been unable to. This is the first king of the effect. The earliest professional website to attract a large number of FANS after the date of the "show" it is difficult to show. Until a year, myf1 server damage, this repair, and repair a long time. I can’t figure out why it’s been a long time to fix the server, anyway, VFPER went to another VFP forum, Mei Zi forum. I was also so, for the preparation of commercial MIS system of the moment I hungry for knowledge, not from the FOX forum, and became a member of the plum forum. The myf1 server has been repaired, found people have changed, the scenery is not in. General rules for this example can best illustrate the Internet: the king, the king of all occupation (or the winner). However, "always king" should not be a general rule. Myf1 is a typical example. Although hao123 and Sina have maintained their respective areas of the king’s identity, but they are also trying to keep up with the times, which is why they are still king, otherwise, they will be second myf1.

on the Internet to preempt King staged a good show. But not blindly to the first point of the king can be based on the internet. You do not see, burn the money is also burned his story is one after another staged. I think early as 3721, billion and so on, will burn the wind silently, but with friends to become another wave of Taobao customers, more people use Ali Wangwang, I suddenly found that: Turning star turn, I don’t Time flies like a shuttle., not, but this world is changing too fast.

let me suddenly enlightened, like the discovery of the new continent, seemed to find new avenue. But when I settled in Taobao, is found to have many shops, strong competitors, first king at this time to get a better interpretation. As of now this era, people have to do what the preemption is king, are difficult to site in the search engine Taobao shop I built talent shows itself, it is difficult to appear in the Taobao home page. Too many shops crowded in Taobao, let me at a loss.

don’t wait for others to do it, to do it before someone else does it. >

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