And this year the focus of sampling deputy director of online shopping goods not trouble nor timid

original title: Industry and commerce this year will focus on sampling online shopping products


Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) held yesterday in the national industrial and commercial system of consumer protection video conference, deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Ma Zhengqi said, will formulate relevant specification for sampling of goods sold this year, to promote the sales of goods quality sampling network. Although Ali and the industrial and commercial administration because of the outbreak of the sampling problem, the war of words to shake hands with the end of the two sides, but the meeting revealed that the information shows that the network will be the focus of this year’s electricity supplier regulators.

mentioned in this year’s focus on consumer rights, Ma Zhengqi said, to adhere to the consumer first, according to the law, a number of principles. Industrial and commercial administration will formulate the relevant norms of "sampling procedures" supervision and management of quality and circulation of goods online sales of goods quality this year, the introduction of "the implementation of the new consumer law" business enterprise "7 days no reason to return the guidelines", improve consumer rights standardization, and legalization. At the same time, sampling the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will lead the mobile phone, clothing, toys, electric bicycles, electric wire and cable quality of goods this year, and promote sales of goods sampling network quality, promote the source of governance. Ma Zhengqi also requires specification sampling behavior, strict sampling procedures, and focus on the whole system sampling linkage, information sharing, etc.. Ma Zhengqi explained that there were companies complain about the different places of the same sampling of commercial and industrial sectors, the future of the industrial and commercial sector will be implemented in the linkage sampling, different commercial and industrial sector sampling of goods will be different. As for the sharing of information, a sampling of substandard goods and commercial information can be recognized in the national industrial and commercial systems, SAIC did not make further explanation.

According to Ma Qizheng

, the key industries of consumer complaints and commodity quality sampling problems and enterprises, the business sector will carry out administrative interviews, urging the operators rectification, "operators interviewed is not enough, will be severely punished".

"and not to stir up trouble, but also not afraid of things"

deputy director general of industry and Commerce on sampling

previously, because the sampling of Taobao online sales of goods, Ali and SAIC two wars multiple rounds. At yesterday’s meeting, although Ma Zhengqi did not mention this incident, but in the case of sampling and reference to the comparison test, his position is still quite resolute. "As long as the law, as long as the steady, accurate and relentless, do have to do business," "do not stir up trouble, but also not afraid of things, when things don’t panic".

said the disclosure of information, Ma Zhengqi said, released relevant information in advance to have a plan, and do a good job of risk assessment, "the courage to be large, the heart should be fine, it must be stable".

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