Jingdong department store Tanabata promote reverse growth to create a romantic atmosphere


speed transit network from August 5th to August 13th, Jingdong daily Tanabata big promotion activities, love back to the beginning of the growth of the era of love thermal open. The "inverse growth" as the key words, the "golden" to show ingenuity, from the "honeymoon" to "love", a step back love romantic and touching. Home Furnishing, food supplies, luxury jewelry and other daily necessities of each category in the Qixi Festival Jingdong, fully meet the needs of love, let the August madness staged various reverse growth brought wonderful.

Figure 1: Jingdong in August 5th to open a department store Tanabata

No matter

or wedding honeymoon, or is this love, in the Qixi Festival, Jingdong will be full cut full of gifts, crazy straight down, as low as 80 percent off other value awesome offers, you give love a sweet surprise. From August 5th to August 6th at the "inverse growth phase: timeless love wedding over the Qixi Festival, health food and drink wine the highest audience full 200 by 100, special drinks as low as 9.9 yuan, special gifts to buy health care products, home textiles full 300 minus 77 yuan. After the honeymoon phase, will be in the sweet marriage couples to provide romantic tanabata. Big beauty, luxury watches, promote the comprehensive beauty explosion struck, 30 percent off fold (part of the brand and the full 200 minus 100), watch every 500 minus 50, enjoy the highest straight down 1000 yuan discount, while luxury goods will be as low as 65% off. At the end of the big promotion "inverse growth stage" – all good love period "ceremony", the Jingdong supermarket will be fully launched 49 yuan optional 5 deals, gifts will also have over 200 minus 30 yuan preferential, and as low as 50 percent off bags goods will let people deep in love in the traditional Chinese love festival, easy realization of love, marriage, and even friends blessing.

department stores are closely related to the lives of consumers, consumers have said that Jingdong has become the main platform for the purchase of various necessities of life, every day landing Jingdong has become a habit. In fact, as the largest Internet retailer Chinese per day, has become one of the most rapid development and its category, along with the increasingly prominent aspects of supply chain cooperation platform, brand advantage, and one-stop shopping shopping experience, Jingdong has also attracted more and more users. I believe that with the full promotion of the Tanabata, Jingdong will continue to continue the popularity of the hundred categories of hot spots, and to provide easy and comfortable for more users, and affordable convenience Tanabata shopping experience.

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