Long time no bickering Li Guoqing super Liu Qiangdong brothers kill spray

news July 22nd, the day before, in the BBK 20 anniversary celebration, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing in answer to the Jingdong to do O2O victory and defeat "said:" the Jingdong will certainly win, but always thought of Liu Qiangdong is the first investment, then running behind the rattling to lamb (brands), so you come to kill you".

for Jingdong, Li Guoqing believes that Jingdong do O2O may be the enemy of the retail industry, to plunder the retail industry.

Li Guoqing said that Jingdong uses self mode, before doing the phone, the computer, each city bargain mall mode to kill. Today, O2O dabbled in supermarkets, fresh, food, etc., or will be the first investment, and then do this self killing supermarket mode to carry out.

he will kill the supermarket model to do fresh, food, etc., then he needs 2 billion U.S. dollars to shuffle. Of course, he can get $2 billion, Liu Qiangdong depicts the future level is very high." Li Guoqing said.

Dangdang will be the enemy of traditional retail?.

"I can only say that Dangdang is not an enemy in the next five years. For so many years not to sell the rice grain and oil, just do not want to when the enemy "answered Li Guoqing.

Li Guoqing said Dangdang not to sell the rice grain and oil, in fact is not the case, billion state power network discovery, Dangdang online buy sell rice grain and oil includes the import of goods, including other brands.


Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing and BBK chairman signing ceremony

in addition, billion state power network also learned that in the BBK twenty week anniversary celebration, dangdang.com and BBK reached a strategic cooperation, cooperation between the two sides of the main contents include: 1, open line experience: bookstore dangdang.com quasi experiential bookstore in BBK stores opened the line; 2, online resource sharing, mutual establishment of sales channel: monkey cloud network platform Dangdang bookstore will open the channel, dangdang.com will open cloud monkey global purchase channel; 3, warehousing and logistics cooperation in BBK logistics distribution range, provide warehousing, logistics and distribution services for 4, Dangdang; cooperation to develop online FMCG market: the two sides will adopt a variety of modes of cooperation and joint the other line retailers to jointly develop the nationwide online FMCG market.

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