How to decorate Taobao shop Taobao shop decoration tutorial Taobao shop decoration video tutorial

for each new Taobao sellers, decorating the shop is a very troublesome thing, is to sell the Taobao store template or their decoration shop? How to decorate the store? How to set up a store? What is the size of the shop shop? How to set the background? How to set the navigation problems we may face? We are confused, entrepreneurial enthusiasm has also been gradually diluted, the pressure I get to do this with some of their own experience to share with you how to shop decoration shop, how to set up the background, I hope to help you. Need help friends can add me QQ: [274004600] free guidance

Taobao shop decoration tutorial

1 store standard

in order to play the role of publicity, the store will be marked on the shop name. Shop standard size of 100× 100 pixels, the best results. Make or buy store after entering Taobao "my Taobao" interface – click "my seller" in the "management of my shop" — in the "shop management" I interface, click on the left "basic settings" – under the basic settings interface appears store setting area – click "Browse" find your store, and then click "open" – you can see the bottom of the inn Preview – only the last step, haha, click "OK", OK. Then can "view my store", see the effect of


as shown in figure








Use the same method

2 classification template, enter my shop management interface on the left "baby classification", enter the classification panel, add class name, select sort, click the "add".



There are 2 categories of

insertion template, one is that you buy the classification template, the seller to send the code to you. Another is your own classification of pictures, produce their own or purchase the seller directly to the classification template image you (I usually put the picture directly to you, that is to say you convert the picture in your space, so you don’t have second years to renew the classification template. How long you want to use how long! There is a direct use of the code code, the method is as follows: copy code C>

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