Gathered in the micro shop Valentine’s Day promotion chocolate day sales exceeded other platforms m

with the Spring Festival holiday in 2017 in the past, the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s day each one festival, festival is the most direct hot sellers love promotion opportunity, as the darling of the February 14th storm "Valentine’s Day", is a major electricity supplier to borrow "good time love" promotion.

it is understood that social electricity providers gathered in micro shop early in February 6th had already turned into the promotion mode, launched the 2017 Valentine’s Day special Valentine’s Day Gift Guide "," sweet secret "," bright new dress "," the company is the most long love and sweet special festive feel to choose lovers have difficulty gift gift guide.

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gathered in micro shop staff revealed that the snacks pin is different from other platforms are perennial nuts, cakes, jerky occupied the event gathered in micro shop Valentine’s chocolate sales become the food sales list break the normal procedure, first, the Bu Ke shaped chocolate truffles single product in a few hours sales reached more than 22 thousand sets Ferrero Rocher, chocolate is also sold more than 10 thousand boxes, associated with the keyword "sweet" goods occupy half of the country social electricity supplier sales charts, in the many festivals in the melee, Valentine’s Day is prodding.


gathered in the micro shop, has the characteristics of a single product of the festival "day" sales enough to catch up in other major electricity supplier platform "micro shop sales, gathered in public relations spokesman Lin Peng said, this is the unique attributes of social electricity supplier. In the circle of friends in the sun sweet, causing the concern of friends competing to buy, in fact, there is a normal phenomenon between the original neighborhood colleagues. Social electricity supplier just let the phenomenon of word-of-mouth spread again."

outbreak of the sale of social networking platform proved strong interpersonal support, strong emotional appeal. For the emotional bond to reflect the goods more timely than traditional electricity providers, more close to the needs of consumers. "We believe that the sharing economy under the tide of social business has great potential, it is only a preliminary stage, in the future, we will continue to try new social gameplay for more brands to create and nurture the explosion, refresh the commodity sales." Gathered in a small store relevant responsible person said.

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